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  • Christopher Girone
    Christopher GironeVor 21 Stunde

    This poor soul hit the like button to help Custard get his ace, but... it's just a little too late! :-) hehe <3

  • Kyle Cats meow
    Kyle Cats meowVor 21 Stunde


  • Fergang_123
    Fergang_123Vor 21 Stunde

    I never vibe in Rainbow because im bad :(

  • WakeUpGolden
    WakeUpGoldenVor 22 Stunden

    Is that *sniff* a joe joe reference at 3:00 ???

  • FaZe Beasted
    FaZe BeastedVor 22 Stunden

    The shotgun meta on console, is pretty terrible you can’t peek without aiming so the hip-fire is bad.

  • Justin Kennedy
    Justin KennedyVor 22 Stunden

    0:51 Can someone please tell me what sound effect is please?

  • ColdNugz
    ColdNugzVor 22 Stunden

    I have a challenge for all the viewers I just subbed to Marley And You Should to

  • Ozzy Dewees
    Ozzy DeweesVor 22 Stunden

    Ok so Idk if ur gonna see this but I ordered merch and it still hasn’t came yet 😭

  • GalaxyHeadspace _
    GalaxyHeadspace _Vor 22 Stunden

    I seriously think Marley hires people to help him make content.

  • Nate H
    Nate HVor 23 Stunden

    2:29 that’s the rarest skin you can get from alpha packs, I have it, it looks amazing

  • Pineapple Human
    Pineapple HumanVor 23 Stunden

    sledge black ice get it

  • Smitez
    SmitezVor Tag

    Pistol Black ice

  • Cruz Olazaba
    Cruz OlazabaVor Tag

    Marley says you live to see it, I really to love to see it ngl

  • Fuzzy Owen
    Fuzzy OwenVor Tag

    Is there something wrong with my game because I was like really good people and for Marley it looks really easy for him

  • Kilian Tyson
    Kilian TysonVor Tag


  • Tikiman078
    Tikiman078Vor Tag

    I like to think this is why custard will never ace

  • Alex Sparkman
    Alex SparkmanVor Tag

    4:05 that baby crying scared the shit out of me

  • Jessie Parker
    Jessie ParkerVor Tag

    First ten seconds and I hit the like button on the video, subscribed and clicked the bell for notifications 👍

  • РупертоТуэрто
    РупертоТуэртоVor Tag


  • Spy Cat
    Spy CatVor Tag

    I prefer this editor's style

  • TheMemenut
    TheMemenutVor Tag

    I want someone to edit all of marleys one taps but with the m1 garand ping

  • r6 support
    r6 supportVor Tag

    U luv yo see it 😂

  • Nichols Myhre
    Nichols MyhreVor Tag

    To the 442 people how disliked this video you need better taste in stuff guys be better

  • Brian Kurtz
    Brian KurtzVor Tag

    He gave me luck and I got 2 black ice


    He’s never getting the ace is he

  • Me Bro
    Me BroVor Tag

    The thumbnail

  • Samuel Lewis
    Samuel LewisVor Tag

    11:30 you love to see it

  • E_D _G_M
    E_D _G_MVor Tag

    Marley is a greedy Marley

  • Seqix
    SeqixVor Tag

    2:43 I thought is was only legendary and epic?

  • F1RE PHO3N1XX Kay
    F1RE PHO3N1XX KayVor Tag

    Marley needs the M590A1, shotgun for Sledge, in Black Ice.

  • JumboPK
    JumboPKVor Tag

    Plz sub 2 JumboPK

  • Drex 9
    Drex 9Vor Tag


  • Sketch
    SketchVor Tag

    Q & A drop a comment with a question and i will be replying to a few 🙏🏼

  • SuperWhoLock 119
    SuperWhoLock 119Vor Tag


  • Yo Trev
    Yo TrevVor Tag

    You should do 1v1s on your channel I think it would get views, just a suggestion

  • Lance Hertzsch
    Lance HertzschVor Tag

    marley has gotten more black ice duplicates than he has black ice

  • ImCrust
    ImCrustVor Tag

    "Im Gonna Reniforce At 3MIl" Marley

  • Kooya
    KooyaVor Tag

    So how was the handy from that boomer

  • Eric Ybarra
    Eric YbarraVor Tag

    Marley you should do every common you have to get a kill with the operators ability

  • David Warnar
    David WarnarVor Tag

    genie: You have 1 wish cutard: I want commando black ice genie: Thats impossible! choose something else custard: I want to ace genie: so when you want your black ice?

  • Samuel Ruiz
    Samuel RuizVor Tag


  • Connor Thornley
    Connor ThornleyVor Tag

    Face reveal at 5 mil so about 5 months knowing marley

  • Connor Thornley
    Connor ThornleyVor Tag

    I know that he’s joking with the alpha pack increase when subbing, but on Xbox I wasn’t subbed and I got 1 black ice in two years, went to pc, subbed, now I have about 7 primary’s and 3 secondarys

  • The Human virus
    The Human virusVor Tag

    Probably my favorite content creator of all time doesn’t matter what kind of mood you’re in you watch Marley and you’re in a good fucking mood. Love you guys man keep up the content please don’t ever stop!

  • Outv3rse
    Outv3rseVor Tag

    I love the little edits in this video

  • LD Adams
    LD AdamsVor Tag

    Marley made a video doing the Nate robinson challenge lol.

  • Haze_Bullet
    Haze_BulletVor Tag


  • Alfredo Vazquez
    Alfredo VazquezVor Tag

    So they only time my crush would like me back is when Custard gets an ace? Well, I’m going to be one lonely human ☹️.

  • Tescatlipoca
    TescatlipocaVor Tag


  • Pulse Clan
    Pulse ClanVor Tag

    We missed the 2 mil sub special but now on to the 3 mil special I’ve legit watched this vid like 80 times haha

  • Levi Wendt
    Levi WendtVor Tag

    Marley is honestly the GOAT in siege. He is the king of waffling

  • KiemPlant
    KiemPlantVor Tag

    I've been experiencing the same glitch where sometimes my game suddenly decides it's time to show a specific part of the map after the last kill.

  • fearless_fruit god
    fearless_fruit godVor Tag


  • Wahala Bishop
    Wahala BishopVor Tag

    All thanks to *darkest_hacker* on IG..... He is a genius

  • Luke Donohue
    Luke DonohueVor Tag

    Def glaz black ice

  • Roscoe dowgert
    Roscoe dowgertVor Tag

    you love to see it :)

  • Team b6
    Team b6Vor Tag

    Lol 2020

  • Dino Gaming
    Dino GamingVor Tag

    What are your settings on siege

  • Team b6
    Team b6Vor Tag

    Lol 2020

  • Ronald Trammell
    Ronald TrammellVor Tag

    Second Alpha Pack: Poopycate Me: *Cursed laughing and crying emoji*

  • LiamHM
    LiamHMVor Tag

    just chilling, watching this amazing pack opening in my champion black ice 'Idot' hoodie :)

  • G - Force2147
    G - Force2147Vor Tag

    You loth to see ith

  • Tun Tinsulsnonda
    Tun TinsulsnondaVor Tag

    Bluck ice

  • Birdito 15
    Birdito 15Vor Tag

    Hey Marley I just received my order from Marley clothing. I just want to say that the black ice idot hoodie, signature m mask, and waffle tee are the best clothing I have ever worn in my life. Thank you so so much

  • Yanti Gamez
    Yanti GamezVor Tag


  • Skyler Wood
    Skyler WoodVor Tag

    This man knows these maps better than i know my own house.

  • Why not
    Why notVor Tag

    I think what happened they are meeting Marley is that UV soft eventually watch this video and felt bad for you so they released Super 90 black ice skin for only 800 R6 credits

  • J J Stew
    J J StewVor Tag

    he said "what are you going to do put down a yokai?" i almost laughed the laughter out of me

  • Abby Taranto
    Abby TarantoVor Tag

    i still watch marley and he makes me laugh so much even though i don't play siege anymore

  • Dayne Brown
    Dayne BrownVor Tag


  • Dr. Melone
    Dr. MeloneVor Tag

    Im a big Thermite main

  • Tijmen Goudzwaard
    Tijmen GoudzwaardVor Tag

    Little did he know about his future

  • Mattias holmgren
    Mattias holmgrenVor Tag

    which clip do he meet the player juan ? :)

  • Damian Storm
    Damian StormVor Tag

    the edit at 8:33 is fire

  • kian byrne
    kian byrneVor Tag

    i wish u could add me so we could play but ur pc and im ps4 if u now how my user is hostage_kian734

  • Dino Productions
    Dino ProductionsVor Tag

    I knew it Marley posts so late bc he posts old and new clips and only the good ones