Everyone thinks I'm cheating in Rainbow Six Siege...


Is it really a one tap if you have more than 1 bullet in your gun?
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    Lt Ghost 👻 I was was junior and and how do uya ya ujust is uuuis is your birthday 🍰 I uI use uthe was was a a us utoo uuuuuuuuui7uuu 7 was the the day we were going going home to play the goat 🐐 o My eat was et

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    no problem for the 2,71 subs and yeah im not subbed with this account but with 3 differents but cause i like you alot i give you my 4. account

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    I like ur beans

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    YaaBoiZer0 in j u da w dads s

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    Hv Hayley Rae,58 ,’”

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    8:06 what song lmao

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    Everyone gets angry when marley kills them but it would be more of an honor to be killed by him

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    Why u know Every time were animies are

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    No shit we think you’re cheating too love you tho

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    It's great to see you die every once in a while lol.. makes you seem more human and less #hacker #aimbot.

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    I miss ash acog

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    2:49 is when u know marley's about to get a grenade kill

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    Damn this was when r-4c had acog

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    8:43 wtf was that laugh

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    they need to nerf marleyxD

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    the sledge play was going so well :)

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    Bcoz u r

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    The damage says with the one tap with 1 bullet left says +2470

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    What if...? HE WAS?!?!?!?!?!?

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    It’s crazy to see how far Marley has come

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    Marley is the person who came up with “ he hacking “ but just really good

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    That mw2 music at 0:48 makes me nut

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    Rip ash acog

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    1:57 "He's goning to see you"

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    +2470 points by just one kill at 0:27

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    Dude I’m so glad is channel had grown help him get to 3million guys

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    oh ash acog

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    at 5:16 a guy have been banned

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    Good video pls cheek my chanal denewss.info/put/j27ew2SO0SqH7Q_up0pvZg

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    To be honest any gun in this game is good as long as you hit a head shot for Marley

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    The MW2 music w that bosg ace 😂😂

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    0:20 one taps were born

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    im sure youve played racing games in the past

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    The day Marley took the shotgun meta from custard

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    Imagine if his character was actually in the GIGN

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    8:04 best part

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    So no one gonna talk abt how they spell friend @5:36

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    In one year Marley gained 2 million subscribers

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    i am self promoting

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    nobody thinks youre cheating, marley.

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    Go to 8:00

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    They ruined rainbow six siege(Extended)

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    I love when he said cave emwold where rich

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    @Marley No u are not cheating you are just lucky ass hole

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    Gimme that black ice of yourz bC files here pls

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    But I can not see I'm legally bliiiiinnnndddd.....

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    the title: 'Everyone thinks I'm cheating in Rainbow Six Siege... ' everyone: no shit every play looks so sketch

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    2:15 nut nut nut nut nut nut nut custard butter about 4 times

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    you love to see the hitfire shotgun plays

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    I came off the video when I saw a fortnite ad

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    If your gonna call me an offender, you better put registered sex in front of it. My way. My way or the... Ooh she's hot

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    When Marley can hit fire ace, *But custard can’t even normal ace*

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    Mw 2 theme hit different

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    I like marleys beans

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    Keep up the vids dude your insane😁👌

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    Can we please get some luison one taps

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    Dom then: nice ace Marley! Dom now: yOurE nOt aLlOWeD

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    8:06 had me dying!!!! 😂😂😂😂

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    The 2470 point shot lol

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    Don't use the Lord's name in vain

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    Marley is such a bad siege player for not using oryx and Iana, like use them please, its good content

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    Outro music?

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    8:06 that song brought back elementary school moments lol

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    Best editing you will ever see. Not even top-class CGI can compare.

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    your allowed to be good, just not too good

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    8:05 When ubisoft adds jumping to the game

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    ɪ’ᴍ ᴠɪʙɪɴ.

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    He got 2K points because that one tap made him win

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    Why is everyone so bad on pc just look at the opponents gameplay

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    i had osu in the background and i thought there was a montage in the vid

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    Marley the epoic idot

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    marley, the way u bean people is madness

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    8:04 gets extra points for air time

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    9:08 somebody got banned😂

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    No, but u have 300$ headsets and this is just not allowed just as hacking😂

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    When I see Marley has 1 bullet, I know he is 100% hitting a 1 tap

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    Optics: Gets put on gun Marley: I'm about to end this man's career

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    2020 anyone Stop the video at 0:27 at tell me its fake

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    When at 27 seconds he headshots the guy and gets +2470

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    Ahh Marley Marley, it's not like everyone thinks you're cheating... *That are just facts.*

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    Roasted toasted packaged up and posted

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    Anything Yumi has ever done with kali is not as impressive as the amount of disrespect as you beaned the absolute bullpoo out of that mans brain on plane.


    Totally not aim bot

  • 10k subs with 3 vids
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