When wafflers play Rainbow Six Siege


Who needs to ace, when you can waffle and have fun? You might enjoy wallbangs, one taps, and insane kills on Rainbow Six Siege, but sometimes, you just need to waffle. Operation Steel Wave and it's new operators are perfect for that.
Deep down, we're all wafflers
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  • Marley
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    are you a waffler?

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    Hi marley

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  • Grant Sutterer

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    I'm custard with acing either emeny kills self or teamkills or camps or teamates steal it

  • Vermilion Tides
    Vermilion TidesVor 2 Stunden

    Hey custard...if you go to my profile there's a video of me playing Amaru getting an ace 😂

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    Mellow SansVor 8 Stunden

    We all still waiting for Custard to get an Ace

  • Harkirat Malhi
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    I’m level 50 and have a ace

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  • Ax0_ D0s
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    Custard + wasted = Custed

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    Custard got kill????

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    1 Like = 1 Prayer that custard gets his ace

    TONYSTARKVor 4 Tage

    6:08 when custard asks google what’s an ace my google home went off about how there different meanings of “ace” and I just died.

  • jamie lewis
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    lt custard.. the definition of waffler

  • jamie lewis
    jamie lewisVor 4 Tage

    7:30 how did that work?

  • Sean Scheich
    Sean ScheichVor 4 Tage

    Custards never gonna ace bc everytime he gets a kill Marley screams ACE ACE ACE EVERYONE SHUT UP AND STOP

  • Motion Kaz
    Motion KazVor 4 Tage

    it’s funny how my 6 yr old cousin has gotten a ace but custard hasn’t 😂😂😂

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    Yo marley I've already got a limited time BLACK ICE IDOT Hoodie

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    hey google whats an ace? something you dont have

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    IS mutch hack

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    Oh my god 😂😂😂 When custard said "hey google" my google home went off 😂

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    Why does Marley make siege look so easy

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    #challenge kill a kapkan with his trap

  • Sarca Lompi
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    10:48 Un humain parlant le même language que moi waw

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    I’m Confused Marley your recent pack Openings always wanting mp7 black ice but you have

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    I am the milk man My milk is delicious

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    I love your instant reactions to shoot the cameras because ON DEFENSE you exited the building and then shot a cam outside

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    Waffles are pancakes with abs

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    I just started PC and got an ace 4th game on and Custard has been playing for how long! LMAO

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    TitancorVor 10 Tage

    Anyone know his settings?

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    19:33 What a manly scream

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    U know the world is gonna end when custard gets a ace

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    I did like it was the other

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    Lol i used a cheez stick to lik the video no joke

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    I ment who’s mareleys main

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    Whos mareleys msin

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    When custard said hey google my google responded

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    Everybody gangsta till custard star hacking for the ace

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    can you play TF2 com on man please man

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    15:26 is also funny

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    13:43 haha

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    VIDEO IDEA!! Video ends when Lt.Custard gets an ace 😂

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    do we talk about the fact marley has 775 notifications on the loading screen 9:27

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  • Washed up Animators
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  • Damien Berryman
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    My dog has more aces then custard

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    10:50 Jme sens visé

  • Angus Brodie
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    I legit liked after custard didn't get an ace 👌 (PS I forgot to like in the first place)

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    When custard said hey google my google said alrightio

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    Poor custard 😂

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  • Antoni on youtube Zeis-Miller
    Antoni on youtube Zeis-MillerVor 24 Tage

    We’re going on a bean hunt, we’re going to find a big one lol

  • Eskoe Eokse
    Eskoe EokseVor 24 Tage

    The rust crunchy headshots 👌🏼

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    Daniel FrenchVor 24 Tage

    Late to this video but I laughed so hard my asthma kicked off and made my vision go scatty 😂

  • President Poofy
    President PoofyVor 24 Tage

    Is it just me or is whenever someone says custard is gonna ace he dies to the last person but when Marley says it he aces like its nothing

  • Bryan Monroe
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    1 million: Gets black ice mp5 2 million: Gets black ice mp7 Marley: Gets 3 million subscribers Ubisoft: *sigh*

  • Thomas' Animations
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    When you realize that at 1:00 custard was watching Marley shower

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    Three Mill Marley!

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    When a noob player gets a ace before custard

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    i think custard needs the newcomer to ace

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    you guys made my Google home go off when you were asking what an ace is

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    Congrats with 3m Yayyyyyy

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    the hey google parts activated my google at 2am in the morning

  • Cooner Also Cooner
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    I’d like to believe that these kills are real, but I just can’t

  • Dead Senpai
    Dead SenpaiVor 29 Tage

    just realized this video was posted on my birthday.

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    Anyone watching during Shadow Legacy?

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    I like how marley is using nugs charm

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    is that thee sly cooper zoom sound

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    my fuccin google nest responded to "what is an ace" xD

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    You have almost 3M suscribers good job A question: are you going to do a special 3M?

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    I'm a waffle in seige

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    2:31 Dom’s laugh tho

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    5:59 my google home answered it XDD

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    4:20 that is the sound of when Benimaru killed the inferno in Fire Force, a good anime if I do say so myself

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    Ahh a man of culture as well

  • [PLD] ni ug neq
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    Going on a bean hunt. Marley gonna catch a thicc one. Custard is scared.

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    Tu es bonita

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    My kid made me watch this video and also forced me to like your videos so boom! Had it before you forced me!

  • FROSTY Raisin
    FROSTY RaisinVor Monat

    I’ve always wondered how Marley just randomly shoots at a wall and somehow hits people in the head instead of anywhere else. And I’ve come to the conclusion that he can see through walls with his digital x-ray goggles.

  • Luis Keinath
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    I love this rust headshot sound

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    Almost to 3 million

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    How is he playing R6 like its COD?

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    custards gremlin little hands sent me bro

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    Fase reveal when custard aces

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    When that ok google thing was said it turned on mine

  • AustiKracker
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    I just realized they said “soul mission” instead of “sole mission”

  • Bryson Bennett’s
    Bryson Bennett’sVor Monat

    Does it suck I’m a level 52 and I’ve aced already

  • EcL1pS3 24
    EcL1pS3 24Vor Monat

    I feel like Marley and Dom saying your going to ace makes it get jinxed cause every time and I mean every time they Tell Custard he’s going to ace he dies

  • Rexxy Sexy
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    Ok if ur gonna dislike why are you watching this video

  • Blitz
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    "In what world did you hit him?" "My world" Ad starts playing

  • BrokenNoah12
    BrokenNoah12Vor Monat

    I like how at 11:10 he shoots a cam even tho he’s defending

  • Boid9721
    Boid9721Vor Monat

    marley in 1 v 5 also marley i like those odds

    ELUSIVEVor Monat

    16:08 idk man seems a lil g a y (do I have to say that this is a joke

    ELUSIVEVor Monat

    10:17 da fric was that editing

  • Monk Fiction
    Monk FictionVor Monat

    This video was uploaded on my birthday.

  • Drew Begeman
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    Way to play casual to get clips and the edits are fucking annoying and played out

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    ladee ladeeda

  • Vairo M
    Vairo MVor Monat

    How do you peek without scoping in? I've tried and it didnt work

  • Baka Oofster
    Baka OofsterVor Monat

    Custard is the king of 4Ks, which he gets more than Marley’s ace, saucy opinion, Marley is worse than custard

  • xander silva
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    Waffle waffle waffle all I hear and I love it