Rainbow Six Siege but I'm cheating...


Sometimes we hit cheater like one taps, and sometimes we whiff like bots... But we are always vibing whilst playing Rainbow Six Siege. Operation Void Edge has already become the home to many Juan deags, wallbangs, aces and memes.. oh, and apparently MP5 iron sights work!
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    4:35 is the funniest clip

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    Anyone know the music at 19:30??? I swear it’s rom banjo kazooie

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    That’s kind of sus I’m not saying I’m going against Marley but you gotta be honest he be getting wall kills with ezz

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    He just super lucky

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    2:37 the monke begins

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    personally monty is a really good op for me

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    Bruv I actually didn’t think that you were cheating I thought u just had some major skill

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    you should get a one tap then play the sound when windows shuts down

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    the amount of times marley must of got reported for hacking must be huge

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    Hey marley ive gotten a 1 tap with rooks p90 iron sight suppresor black ice can i join the gang

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    Haaaaa he is the chosen one he finally beaten the legendary noobmaster69

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    same stance in blooprints video thumbnail?


    i just looked up how old Dom is and it says here hes... HES 50?!?!?!?

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    In the first ten seconds I've already had a seizure

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    The hell going on at 15:46

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    4:36 ohhh that was smooth

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    The thumbnail Marley: *is holding machine gun* Also thumbnail: *has a thing saying you killed someone with a pistol*

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    Mp5 more presisely

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    Compilation of just spraying through walls and getting nothing plz

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    Just stfu If you dont cheat really... Make video from that what's is your topic.

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    The first 30 seconds are like doing meth while on a rollercoaster at night with a goat and watching a Marley video

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    Everyone gangster until Marley puts his gun to 1 tap mode 😂😂

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    And tell custard or dom to get a ace

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    Hey Marley you should use montage but with a pistol and no shield

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    I paused at 6:00 during the transition and got warped into another dimension

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    Be sírok Zámbó Jimmy 69 az első kill

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    I was playing plants vs zombies in the exact clip where he put the theme music lmao

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    How does he put out videos that are so long, but every single second is still quality content?

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    this is the first video i ever saw from you

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    Watched a lot of streamers this guys is just a douchebag...

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    Are you sure he’s cheating? It just looks like a normal video

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    I always feel bad for dom, his point is to be funny and get amazed at marley

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    Is casual the only thing you guys play?

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    3:30 Floppy and Teo briefcase flashbacks #legendary

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    11:44 that was not a ace doe.

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