Nobody can explain this Rainbow Six Siege gameplay


You can't explain this Rainbow Six Siege gameplay, the weird kills and waffle are not what the developers intended for...
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The new rainbow six siege operation neon dawn just released so it is time for another funny moment video, with the new operator aruni! This isn't a challenge video, or alpha pack opening for black ice, but just a collection of the normal Marley, Custard, and Dom elite waffle. With a LOT of ACES!


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    @Kye London trying it out right now. Seems to be working :)

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    dunno if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my friends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Find it on google ;)

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    i love you

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    I almosted while I was watching this

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    Nice soft aim

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    We need to see more bad Marley moments

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    It's our the best thank you for being the best youtubeer

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    I actually couldn’t stop laughing at Wamai

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    Jack SunVor 3 Tage

    My fav clip is at 3:49 when you can guess what crusty wusty is gonna say

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    Robs some one I'm just vibing

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    Le cringe.

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    Ahhhh cmon Marley a lil oopies woopies in a video doesn’t hurt m8

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    is marleys name morgels

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    All those misses with tachanka, I chalk that up to hitreg, ive been having trouble with it recently

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    I swear to god marley has like 40/20 vision bro loke chief that aint normal

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    12:21 and 12:32 ..... I have never seen Marely choke this hard before

  • Dunno Duncare
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    If you get less then 4 killed then it's not an ace if you get 4 killed or more it's an ace

    _ OVERDOSEVor 15 Tage

    0:47 I think he means monthly dose of waffle Pls upload

  • Colten Nook
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    Me getting that character that is very limited me doing bad then getting it and getting only aces

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    fun fact the time of this video is 1337

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    Face reveal at 4million??

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    What’s the song at the beginning?

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    i was that blits

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    I bought mine 2 months ago and it won’t be here till April

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    Jesus Christ is king,please don’t use the lords name in vein 🙏❤️

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    I can explain, it is just waffle.

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    Marley is right, people that sit on rappel are pussies

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    2:09 My ear randomly throughout the day

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    The bullet proof cam

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    9:30 i was DYINGGGG

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    U were stuck on a bullet proof cam

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    9:00 I just realized there’s a camera on the ground XD

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    you should do a bloopers video of all your mess ups

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    this is how i warm up for r6s

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    Nice Hax

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    What’s the point of a primary when Marley has a pistol

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    I dead ass watch these vids for sleeping like no joke

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    Dom is so lucky to play with marley

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    i love you marly u decreve that mpm blackice love you im big fan bye

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    silent: exist my ears: 2:09

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    9:50 Marley just airs some guy asking how his day was XD

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    AKA BEST DEnewssR

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    We gotta make a best out of .com video

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    whats the song in the beginning?

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  • Logical_FDYT
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    I have never seen the defending team get spawn peeked by the offence team and then get revived for the ace till now

  • Logical_FDYT
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    Dom is popin like popcorn and he says without salt but he do got thr butter

  • Aaron Bayley
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    Make a custard getting an ace vid

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    man that smoke is looking great

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    se demasiado de ingles y no entiendo nada de lo que dice, como habla tan rapido¿?

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    Custard, Marley and Dom should move in and name it the waffles house

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    Thanks for the clickbait

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    @Marley you shoud join a clan

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    i wall banged two people

  • kota
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    2:48 best part

    LFDB. EXEVor Monat

    When you play with random, you ragequit because you loose When you play with marley, you ragequit because he's too powerful

    LFDB. EXEVor Monat

    Schema of marley vids: -marley vibings -dom search for ennemies -marley's one-tap -bom : WHAT MATE ?!

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  • Nathan Todorovski
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    5:00 is 100% my favourite part

  • nxiety
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    Do you have any tips on how to get renown fast for a causal player?

  • Its Yamii
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    thats why i hate r6s even in casual i see ppl playing like its ranked im saying that as new player

  • Killbow Bro
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    At 2:25 I didn’t know they added death reactions with that desk slam

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    Need to see it to believe it

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    85k people: WHY ARE YOU GAY?? 930 people:...

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    He just has a good gaming chair

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    By the way demo man is from TF2

  • John Abraham
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    It’s confirmed to tanker is demo man

  • Brian Miller
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    Mortal Kombat movie

  • Techno son
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    why dont i see marley in any tournements liike bro those one taps that aim your cracked bro

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    Because marley plays casual most of the time

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    The title of this video should be in all of his videos lol

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    4 mill subs and a face reveal

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    I can explain He’s just vibing

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    My only dream is for Marley to sub to me

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    Bro I’m surprised Marley doesn’t get banned like wthhhh

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    2:48 what is this song?

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    Song? At 0:48

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    “Not quite pro league but waffle league” LMAO😂😂

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    Marley.... the police are after you for these shots at the moment I wrote this there is 911 dislikes the police are after you man

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    I got one

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    anyone notice that the video is "13:37" minutes long That L33T

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    I really want a Marley youtooz, too bad I missed it :’)

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    Can we have a whole episode of just monkey marley

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    0:13 thats song is fucking dangers mate

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    Marley I love your content bro keep it up

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    dude one thing i just love about marleys vids his he makes subtitles acceptable like i usaly hate them but i like this

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    Sooo that was me the Mira on the stairs!!! Can I get my free gift now😃

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    8:17 I love that MATEEEEE!

  • imfabio 16
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    you didnt kiss the rook tho

  • Graham Armstrong
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    Dom probably pays people to dislike these aimbot videos

  • hahzweioh
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    Peter Griffins Laugh is Custard

  • Keeva Grace
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    Pog for Jesus Christ lord amen bless

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    At 2:23 I thought Marley was a time traveler and did that to get dom mad.

  • Danny Worrall
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    Imagine Marley does a 5 mil face reveal

  • Dalin Johnson
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    Marley is too good

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    8:51 isn’t that just a bullet proof camera