you love to see these rainbow six siege moments


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  • Pavan Adit
    Pavan AditVor 7 Tage

    last part made me laugh

    IVI0STH8DVor 10 Tage


  • match
    matchVor 17 Tage

    As he started talking about Moot I got a notification from Moot

  • OneBiasedOpinion
    OneBiasedOpinionVor 24 Tage

    "Don't teamkill me please I just want to have big sex with her if that is okay with you." My sides have officially departed from this earth.

  • Jacob Ramirez
    Jacob RamirezVor 27 Tage

    You love to see it

  • Gabriel Alvarez
    Gabriel AlvarezVor Monat

    Which black ice will he get for 3 mil now

  • Verwoest Family5
    Verwoest Family5Vor Monat

    The more I re-watch these videos, I see more of french yumi and I love it

  • WolfieWuf
    WolfieWufVor Monat

    Ah, a fellow 6'8 person :D

  • WhaleStormer
    WhaleStormerVor Monat

    2.99 million, ALMOST THERE

  • Hayden Welch
    Hayden WelchVor Monat

    0:51 when Marley gets 6 kills in one round???

  • Mike Lopez #10
    Mike Lopez #10Vor Monat

    I was going to ace with jager but I got a 4K and I was really sad


    its me or the charger of the mp7 go so far away? 9:33

  • Prof_ Longbow
    Prof_ LongbowVor Monat

    Okay does anyone know the name of white skin he uses on a lot of guns example 3:17

  • Pepperoni Lover
    Pepperoni LoverVor Monat

    I never thought I would hear in an Indian accent, “I will show you my cock and balls”

  • Diablo
    DiabloVor Monat

    i hope ubi gives u r4c black ice when you hit 3 mil

  • maleko Harris
    maleko HarrisVor Monat

    Me and Marley earned our MP5 and MP7 black ice mine by luck and his by 1 and 2 million subscribers 😃◼️🥶


    Where the hell is the you love too see it charm

  • lux _
    lux _Vor Monat

    Marley is the best in segwaying into sponsorships

  • irl pulse
    irl pulseVor Monat

    3mil almost it's 2.9 rn

  • StoryFlo
    StoryFloVor 2 Monate

    I like how Yumi just did the content for the last 2 minutes XD

  • Jacob Phillips
    Jacob PhillipsVor 2 Monate

    I want a Marley bandana

  • Torcku
    TorckuVor 2 Monate

    1:32 *mozzie as female* *what*

  • Cole H
    Cole HVor 2 Monate


  • Team Climax
    Team ClimaxVor 2 Monate

    lol all he needs is 3mill subs

  • Team Climax
    Team ClimaxVor 2 Monate

    What gun is Marley trying to get black ice on now?

  • SwiftPlayZ
    SwiftPlayZVor 2 Monate

    How jhe have mp7 nlck ice

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob JohnsonVor 2 Monate

    You should 1v1 Mekel

  • Carson Meredith
    Carson MeredithVor 2 Monate

    When you hit 3 million subscribers you should do a face reveal

  • Phantom
    PhantomVor 2 Monate

    Lmao my second alpha pack was mp7 black ice

  • MysticalPyro57
    MysticalPyro57Vor 2 Monate

    Did Marley record himself getting mp7 black ice

  • Bryden Baynton
    Bryden BayntonVor 2 Monate


  • Avxrage Esports
    Avxrage EsportsVor 2 Monate

    2:41 Marley: What up Logang Sledge: Nyahh

  • mariel busine
    mariel busineVor 2 Monate

    i always solo queue. 😭 isso annoying

  • Gaming Rage
    Gaming RageVor 2 Monate

    Why does Marley have mp7 black ice on 1:10

  • Random Tyger
    Random TygerVor 2 Monate

  • Fredrick The Alien
    Fredrick The AlienVor 2 Monate

    I don’t like black ice

  • awsomegamer s
    awsomegamer sVor 3 Monate

    Bruh I'm almost 5,10 and I'm only 11#

  • 12legoman1 2
    12legoman1 2Vor 3 Monate

    I want custard ace

  • vapor
    vaporVor 3 Monate

    ubisoft actually gave him a black ice????

  • Pcwiz
    PcwizVor 3 Monate

    This was "Ad: the video"

  • RossCraft 9-1-1
    RossCraft 9-1-1Vor 3 Monate

    I literally got my first 4k a couple days ago and I was so proud but I have a feeling that I'm gonna turn into custard

  • Andrew Haxton
    Andrew HaxtonVor 3 Monate

    Does anyone have a count on how many fuckin Aces hes gotten??

  • Niklas Ciesluk
    Niklas CieslukVor 3 Monate

    best seige player in the world

  • Jet guy891
    Jet guy891Vor 3 Monate

    I had black ice for mp7 for 2 to 3 years

  • Snake 0rbital
    Snake 0rbitalVor 3 Monate

    Face reveal?

  • yee haw
    yee hawVor 3 Monate

    you should make merch

  • Declan Bowe
    Declan BoweVor 3 Monate

    Face reveal plz thanks bye and one tap in the morning

  • blankk
    blankkVor 3 Monate


    KHAOSVor 3 Monate

    Ngl Marley is the only youtuber who has convinced me to download an app through a sponsership

  • Robert Żegnałek
    Robert ŻegnałekVor 3 Monate


  • Dr. Edward Richtofen Of DOOM
    Dr. Edward Richtofen Of DOOMVor 3 Monate

    4:05 Custard? Is that you?

  • Orwhynotrandom
    OrwhynotrandomVor 3 Monate

    Ohhh what’s the 3 mil gift

  • Kelson Whalen
    Kelson WhalenVor 3 Monate

    I wonder what he will get with for 3 million he’s almost there

  • Denzel Bangalan
    Denzel BangalanVor 3 Monate

    Alright place your bets at 3Mil what Blackice will he recieve!

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan ThomasVor 3 Monate

    I just got mp7 black ice yesterday lol

  • Dollarstore Kermit
    Dollarstore KermitVor 3 Monate

    I’ll say it one more time. Indians are the greatest race

  • callum 5659
    callum 5659Vor 3 Monate

    Alfa pack opening plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Ahsen K
    Ahsen KVor 3 Monate

    2.7m subs cant wait for 3m😂

  • Ahsen K
    Ahsen KVor 3 Monate

    I rewatch videos because of how good they are

  • CurliBoi
    CurliBoiVor 4 Monate


  • pixlk
    pixlkVor 4 Monate

    when they said 'mate', i felt that

  • Don Pirate!
    Don Pirate!Vor 4 Monate

    imagine getting gifted a black ice haha neerd!

  • Sylyx-_-
    Sylyx-_-Vor 4 Monate

    They should make a waffle charm

  • squidmaster 100
    squidmaster 100Vor 4 Monate

    i think this guy is probably the best plugger for sponsers

  • Vicente Fernandez
    Vicente FernandezVor 4 Monate

    Found a youtooz for 90 bucks. Wasn't kidding about that resell value

  • Jackson Frazer
    Jackson FrazerVor 4 Monate

    Dom sounds like wheatly from portal 2

  • Nugget Tenders
    Nugget TendersVor 4 Monate

    He’s got mp7 black ice

  • Maks Szmyt
    Maks SzmytVor 4 Monate

    how does he do that he runs and kills evryone i cant do that

  • dylandtww
    dylandtwwVor 4 Monate

    I was going back through old Marley vids and I forgot how much this ending made me laugh my guts out.

  • Orlando Ruiz
    Orlando RuizVor 4 Monate

    “Please slow down, we’re running out of black ice skins...” lol

  • Melanie Camacho
    Melanie CamachoVor 4 Monate

    My first alpha pack was bandit black ice they had to gift it to you

  • Thumperツ
    ThumperツVor 4 Monate

    wow Ubi had to give Marley the Black Ice Mp7

  • Elite Pizza 47
    Elite Pizza 47Vor 4 Monate

    Next alpha pack opening he going to get mp7 black ice but then get bucks guns both of them

  • Noah Carter
    Noah CarterVor 4 Monate

    7:35 I didn’t know marley had black ice m870...

    CHAGGYVor 4 Monate

    Mute is basically reddit for gamers

  • FarawaySoda 8559
    FarawaySoda 8559Vor 4 Monate


    EVILVIKINGVor 4 Monate

    is your girlfriends a gold digger

  • Wes Hebner
    Wes HebnerVor 4 Monate

    make more youtooz

  • Wes Hebner
    Wes HebnerVor 4 Monate

    make more youtooz

  • Wes Hebner
    Wes HebnerVor 4 Monate

    make more youtooz

  • Wes Hebner
    Wes HebnerVor 4 Monate

    make more youtooz

  • Wes Hebner
    Wes HebnerVor 4 Monate

    make more youtooz

  • Wes Hebner
    Wes HebnerVor 4 Monate

    make more youtooz

  • Wes Hebner
    Wes HebnerVor 4 Monate

    make more youtooz

  • Wes Hebner
    Wes HebnerVor 4 Monate

    make more youtooz

  • Wes Hebner
    Wes HebnerVor 4 Monate


  • Aaron smith
    Aaron smithVor 4 Monate

    where is my quarantine squad at

  • TrouserBoy32
    TrouserBoy32Vor 4 Monate

    So that’s how he got mp7 black ice

  • Mr ZombieStitch
    Mr ZombieStitchVor 4 Monate

    8:35 what? Just happened

  • ocean man
    ocean manVor 4 Monate

    congrats on mp7 black ice! (I know I’m late)

  • Caine Monts
    Caine MontsVor 4 Monate

    1 bullet

  • Fake_Cl0wn _
    Fake_Cl0wn _Vor 4 Monate

    I wonder what will marley get when he gets 3 million

  • Mirage.
    Mirage.Vor 4 Monate

    0:12 Does anyone know the name of the skin he’s using for Capitaos AR, and how I can get it?

  • Mirage.


    Vor 3 Monate

    Elijah Solo Yeah, solid rip lmao

  • Elija h

    Elija h

    Vor 3 Monate

    Im late but i think its the pro leauge skin set you cant get it anymore

  • Keith
    KeithVor 4 Monate

    where is Juan in the youtooz

  • Jorge Jasso
    Jorge JassoVor 4 Monate

    Ain't nobody going to talk that he didn't tell us he got black ice for a secondary shotgun?

  • Random Person
    Random PersonVor 4 Monate


  • Nasir Bland
    Nasir BlandVor 4 Monate

    They should make a moot charm for anyone who joins moot

    MR. HASHIBVor 4 Monate

    How am I the first clip in the vid WTF

  • Lonely.Clxrify
    Lonely.ClxrifyVor 4 Monate

    U should have put "JUAN" for the pistol on the chibi

  • J0k3r r6
    J0k3r r6Vor 4 Monate

    I think for 3 mil he deserves a r4c black ice