MAVERICK & CLASH in a nutshell - Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky gameplay


Huge thanks to Ubisoft for flying us out to the Paris Major. We got early access to record the new operators Clash and Maverick. And play on the new Hereford Base in Operation Grim Sky.
This season is going to be AMAZING.
And yes, I got a kill with the blowtorch in this video. SEND IT BOYS!
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  • Marley
    MarleyVor 2 years

    NEW OPERATION HYPE! Let’s send it into Grim Sky boys! Big thanks to Ubi for letting us play early. Feels super strange uploading unedited gameplay. TTS will be live soon and I’ll make my usual edited videos on Clash and Maverick :) Go and check out Snedgers POV -

  • sofian %

    sofian %

    Vor year

    That's acustom match

  • LinkedWolve


    Vor 2 years

    Marley can you give me any ideas for a video because im depressed because i cant upload anything thats as funny as you and i want to do better on youtube. At (linkedwolve)

  • Le Cordon Bleu à Manu

    Le Cordon Bleu à Manu

    Vor 2 years

    *🇫🇷VIVE LA FRANCE !🇫🇷*

  • Span Pup

    Span Pup

    Vor 2 years

    Mr.Mad.- we don't know

  • Mr.Mad.-


    Vor 2 years

    Marley what tf happend to Marlnation??

  • Logjkl
    LogjklVor Monat

    Never seen Marley playing competitively

  • Presidio Plays
    Presidio PlaysVor 5 Monate

    Who else got recommended this today?

  • Danni Hussain
    Danni HussainVor 5 Monate

    2:06 he's playing custom games so the blow torch kill was planned to happen

  • Just a simple gamer
    Just a simple gamerVor 5 Monate

    6:24 "Im not Toxic" -Marley 2019 Compare that to he is now. Oof

  • CIX_ Pr0metheus
    CIX_ Pr0metheusVor 6 Monate

    I got a torch kill in a plat lobby in ranked, I jumped over the assault shield and aimed to the left round win

  • kyösti pääkkönen
    kyösti pääkkönenVor 7 Monate

    coreross spotted

  • Jewish Hitter
    Jewish HitterVor 8 Monate


  • Frxst
    FrxstVor 8 Monate

    Marley Is by far the best youtuber ever! Dont ever stop recording brother. I try to copy you in my videos, it woild mean alot if you would watch some and tell me what you think.

  • Nayshawn Jacob
    Nayshawn JacobVor 9 Monate

    Your mic was bad back then

  • Ultamata
    UltamataVor 9 Monate

    “We got 8 seconds” *Breaches wall* *4 seconds later* “Oh we’re on the wrong floor”

  • Stapled Dominoes
    Stapled DominoesVor 10 Monate

    Anybody else notice in the match on hereford he was in the same game as BikiniBodhi?

  • SinzeR
    SinzeRVor 10 Monate

    AAAHH my ears stop screaming

  • Agas d
    Agas dVor 10 Monate

    what's the bgm of 11:40?

  • Crank YT
    Crank YTVor year

    R.I.P Herfordbase😔

  • Haven Schade
    Haven SchadeVor year

    8:20 is that the real skill up?

  • x CrusaderOfHope
    x CrusaderOfHopeVor year

    1:21 Haha 69 Health 👌😂 (9/18/19)

  • aesthetic_speculo17
    aesthetic_speculo17Vor year

    Wow you were playing a custom games 2:07

  • Phregh
    PhreghVor year

    0:22 N I C E

  • F3VRZ
    F3VRZVor year

    0:20 coreRoss on the kill feed

  • Yordy Mac
    Yordy MacVor year

    He is playing customs

  • Costlee
    CostleeVor year

    he got 2350 points for killing that cav on 12:08 just pause if you get there.

  • Jeb Gould

    Jeb Gould

    Vor year

    eilrahc lehtob it’s bc of round and match victory

  • Noah Alvarez
    Noah AlvarezVor year

    7:48 you got killed by coreRoss

  • SynerX
    SynerXVor year

    2019? Anyone?

  • xDenied
    xDeniedVor year

    You play custom and your a god🧐

  • Noahhh 12
    Noahhh 12Vor year

    The first game was a custom

  • NightFreeze
    NightFreezeVor year

    I guess you can say he “Pre-fired” that corner on caviera 😂

  • noodlebotayy
    noodlebotayyVor year

    0.22 u killed coreross

    KADYROFFVor year

    what send it means ?

  • TeaShort
    TeaShortVor year

    7:48 he got killed by CoreRoss :D

  • Johnny Ho
    Johnny HoVor year

    Bikini Mic suck ass

  • Aidan Trumble
    Aidan TrumbleVor year

    Anyone notice that CoreRoss was the Alibi that killed Marley?

  • Nebzla
    NebzlaVor year

    At 2:06 it said custom game fake??¿??

  • אביב תשובה
    אביב תשובהVor year

    Anyone else thaught he was typing send nudes?

  • EnemyIsDown
    EnemyIsDownVor year

    Marley why did it say custom games

  • A J
    A JVor year

    Bikini is actually Toxic...

  • TTVninjaz37
    TTVninjaz37Vor year

    Is no one hyped about core ross being in their game

  • ibbs pelk
    ibbs pelkVor year

    @ 0:23 RIP coreRoss :(

  • Spencer’s Outdoors and yak
    Spencer’s Outdoors and yakVor 2 years

    7:48 core ross killed him lol

  • Hope
    HopeVor 2 years

    Marly can you pls put a non expired link to your discord

  • Apratim Debnath
    Apratim DebnathVor 2 years

    who is this skill up guy??

  • Ya Nan Plays Fortnite
    Ya Nan Plays FortniteVor 2 years

    Did anyone else see that at 7:48he got killed by coreross another rainbow youtuber?

  • OperatorButt
    OperatorButtVor 2 years

    Op as hell

  • Wonder Monkey
    Wonder MonkeyVor 2 years

    You were playing with bikini bodhi

  • Orion Hurbina
    Orion HurbinaVor 2 years

    please answer this question someone if u buy the year 3 pass can u play the new operators early

  • aloclay
    aloclayVor 2 years

    Ur the best bro

  • elmo
    elmoVor 2 years

    Wait a minute... he changed hes username?

  • greg -_-
    greg -_-Vor 2 years

    The thermite that killed him tk him is a DEnewssr too

  • DOCTOR. Marci107 brain
    DOCTOR. Marci107 brainVor 2 years

    MAVERICK = Marley !

  • Ezra Basurto
    Ezra BasurtoVor 2 years

    Oof peep SkillUp

  • Patrick Marks
    Patrick MarksVor 2 years

    When do the operators come out???

  • Delta 419
    Delta 419Vor 2 years

    This video is so shocking xd

  • Manuel Perez
    Manuel PerezVor 2 years

    How did they get that frost trap like that? What’d it mean “elite”

  • Milo Kemp
    Milo KempVor 2 years

    U should do a challenge to commentate for as long as possible👍

  • Milo Kemp
    Milo KempVor 2 years

    Face reveal?

  • MartP
    MartPVor 2 years

    First shield operator on defense

  • Connor nylr.
    Connor nylr.Vor 2 years

    Am I the only one who is in love with the reloading sound of the Maverick guns (M4 and AR-15.50)?

  • Pan Barszcz
    Pan BarszczVor 2 years


  • Sonny Rea
    Sonny ReaVor 2 years

    Dear Marley the meat master, your skin is so pasty, your meat is so meaty, I’ve never seen such a meaty meat master in my life. My cargo shorts lover.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌚❤️💄❤️❤️💄❤️😂😭🤝🤠❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • You_Know_Who 72
    You_Know_Who 72Vor 2 years

    Does anyone know when it's coming out for console

  • play station 4
    play station 4Vor 2 years

    I'm getting rainbow six soon YAY

  • Lone Spider
    Lone SpiderVor 2 years

    Anthonypit1 exists MeatyMarley Free views MATE

  • Hammer Bro
    Hammer BroVor 2 years

    play w crispyslap

  • GeG
    GeGVor 2 years

    Fuck clash she shouldn't exist she will ruin all the matches

  • Joaquin Monroy
    Joaquin MonroyVor 2 years

    2 words: Send It

  • W4ST3D1
    W4ST3D1Vor 2 years

    i think im banned from your disc and i dont know why

  • W4ST3D1


    Vor 2 years

    oh well if so

  • FaZe Dapster
    FaZe DapsterVor 2 years

    Nice Marley keep it up

  • Dominic Mittendorf
    Dominic MittendorfVor 2 years

    Hey ubisoft acutually gave us a reason to use montange

  • Rarin Recruit
    Rarin RecruitVor 2 years

    I just noticed: 8:18 is Recruit’s shield getting Fuze’s shield color?

  • Good Ol Guy
    Good Ol GuyVor 2 years

    why was i kicked out of the discord server?


    Sent it

  • B M
    B MVor 2 years

    Shit video,I like it

  • vX0tiC -
    vX0tiC -Vor 2 years

    One meaty marley 👌

  • Jacob
    JacobVor 2 years

    Bikinibodhi is such a toxic player, every video with him in it involves a team kill.

  • Gold RsR
    Gold RsRVor 2 years


  • XgUNp44
    XgUNp44Vor 2 years

    What happened to ur discord?

  • Daziid
    DaziidVor 2 years

    someone get this man a pop filter

  • Its Eric
    Its EricVor 2 years

    You just ripped off evan

  • Toji
    TojiVor 2 years

    Salut moi c’est Robert, j’ai 68ans et j’adore Rainbow Six Siège.

  • OverLoaded
    OverLoadedVor 2 years

    Dead game

  • Le Cordon Bleu à Manu
    Le Cordon Bleu à ManuVor 2 years

    *🇫🇷VIVE LA FRANCE !🇫🇷*

  • AlyssaNYC
    AlyssaNYCVor 2 years

    I want to play with them so badly😭😭😭

  • Generation pilot
    Generation pilotVor 2 years

    It feels like monty is 3 speed for some reason haha

  • Fishy 1998
    Fishy 1998Vor 2 years

    I hate clash already, she has such a smug face when she shocks you

  • Dzeez
    DzeezVor 2 years

    Took them a hot minute to add the m4

  • TGgames11_YT
    TGgames11_YTVor 2 years

    A vid

  • TGgames11_YT
    TGgames11_YTVor 2 years

    Do a. I’d with ur girlfriend playing

  • not it chief
    not it chiefVor 2 years

    i hate how he is screwing around lol

  • John Ballew
    John BallewVor 2 years

    Did anyone else notice monagne holding his side as he died?

  • John Ballew

    John Ballew

    Vor 2 years

    Approx. 5:18

  • Clarify
    ClarifyVor 2 years

    all of the comments have me dead💀💀

  • Clarify
    ClarifyVor 2 years

    who’s scrolling through the comments while watching the video?

  • TrashTokio
    TrashTokioVor 2 years

    this tts

  • Aka Keaton yang
    Aka Keaton yangVor 2 years

    How do you get the skin

  • Aka Keaton yang
    Aka Keaton yangVor 2 years

    Are you hacking

  • Aka Keaton yang
    Aka Keaton yangVor 2 years

    How do you get skin

  • k Then
    k ThenVor 2 years

    So when do they actually come out

  • Doctor Hydration
    Doctor HydrationVor 2 years

    I’m gonna team kill every Clash just because of how ugly she is

  • Oskar Gryglewski
    Oskar GryglewskiVor 2 years

    Clash is a meme

  • leni
    leniVor 2 years

    Is that a crosshair even when monty's shield is extended? I like it.

  • Coda_advanceplayer
    Coda_advanceplayerVor 2 years

    Monty and clash see each other blitz in the background saying this is the battle of the gods