When idiots play World of Tanks


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  • I_Mihalis_I
    I_Mihalis_IVor year

    When IDOTS play world of tanks

  • Pablo White

    Pablo White

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    Vor year

    Ah Frick I was about to say that.....

  • Fr0nk St0nk

    Fr0nk St0nk

    Vor year

    Don’t forget the second *INCIDENT* ‘IDOYT’

  • Hossjr 8814

    Hossjr 8814

    Vor year

    Marley you should have put IDOTS LOL.

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    Vor year


  • Alan Payne
    Alan PayneVor 29 Tage

    Dom and Marley omgggg lmao

  • Get Schwifty69
    Get Schwifty69Vor Monat

    I still like War Thunder more than WOT

  • Blake Hatton
    Blake HattonVor Monat

    you idot

  • wetfrostmat
    wetfrostmatVor 2 Monate

    Then use tachanca

  • Dylan Persaud
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  • Michelle Carter
    Michelle CarterVor 3 Monate

    You have to wait for the circle to get smaller for a better chance to hit if you already knew that then ignore this message

  • Michelle Carter
    Michelle CarterVor 3 Monate

    Why is he camping maby because He is a SNIPY

  • TyGuy Gaming
    TyGuy GamingVor 4 Monate

    7:26, they are battling a french traffic cone XD

  • Privateryan736
    Privateryan736Vor 4 Monate

    World of wafflers

  • Tris Playz Games
    Tris Playz GamesVor 4 Monate

    We should play some day i can teach you

  • Hudson Ruck
    Hudson RuckVor 4 Monate

    Coincidence they made this video after the video named “we need to stop playing R6 siege

  • Unstoppable Reign
    Unstoppable ReignVor 5 Monate

    It sucks to see that non siege videos do not as good even though they're good videos

  • tiny little spark
    tiny little sparkVor 6 Monate

    More. MOOOOORE!

  • Christoric
    ChristoricVor 7 Monate

    marley do minecraft videos plz XD

  • deagl
    deaglVor 10 Monate

    4:12 why you bullying Kolohousenka(Caterpillar on wheels) mate

  • Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
    Ngọc Nguyễn HồngVor 11 Monate

    Hey Marley! Can You Play World Of Tanks?

  • Flying6 Kitten9
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  • Raul Chavez
    Raul ChavezVor year

    Who's here because only 230.000 views?

  • Tyngchinchilla Chang
    Tyngchinchilla ChangVor year

    World of tank is the EA of wargaming. I have been in this community for 7 years and man I tell ya. The devs never ever actually listen to the community and are 90% marketing 10% game development. If you think operation health was bad. Wot is 400 times worse. 100% of content updates were premium tanks to milk $$ from the players. The game is pay to win because of " premium ammo" wanna penetrate that heavy tank? Gotta pay for every shot . Absolutely no game balance and matchmaker is broken for 8 years now. Chernobyl reactor number 4 community toxicity. P2W players you meet every single round. Impossible to enjoy without paying gold. Last tech tree update(freemium tanks) was years ago. Game devs who are not passionate in content making. Russian bias and overpowered tanks never addressed. Powercreep= when they want ppl to buy new premium tanks so they nerf older prem tanks. Devs will copyright claim to censor constructive criticism on youtube (look at sirfoch censored) Save yourself and dont ever step into this game. It is not fun. Stick to wot memes. Companies do make great soundtracks for them though.

  • Ryan M
    Ryan MVor year

    lmao Marley aiming at the health bars

  • Kiki Andrian
    Kiki AndrianVor year

    nope dude... the corect things is "this game for idiot"...hahahahaha

  • Neo Karlsson
    Neo KarlssonVor year

    actually trash at wot bro xD

  • Bob Bubbins
    Bob BubbinsVor year


  • trying to hit 1 million subs
    trying to hit 1 million subsVor year

    Don't forget it's a play to win game and it takes a year to unlock the highest tier tank but u can buy gold a convert it into silver and xp and buy a new tank but that will take 100$ plus. And the t127 is a tier 3 also known as a low non fun tier. Game is mostly fun teir 5 and above. Like I said pay to win but fun as hell.

  • Asterisk
    AsteriskVor year

    wtf happened to the statistics of this video?!

  • l KnighT l
    l KnighT lVor year

    I loved this game, on mobile I played 2014-2017 and 2018 ish

  • _
    _Vor year

    Love it

  • Christhopher Reyes Rodriguez
    Christhopher Reyes RodriguezVor year

    Hey Marley you and dom should make a video of you getting enemy tanks low and then ramming into them and killing them because from experience that’s the best way to kill😂

  • Ken Sumi
    Ken SumiVor year

    4:51 “This is very scary Dom” That’s what she said

  • Enzo Becerra
    Enzo BecerraVor year

    When STYODI play games ...

  • Hamdi Güler
    Hamdi GülerVor year

    Wrong,not idiots,idots!!

  • Filip Milić
    Filip MilićVor year

    You cant play it on android


    the british levels in this video were high

  • Just The Instinct
    Just The InstinctVor year

    2:30 "Bit of a rocky hill. Not sure how we are going to go about this." *Proceeds straight down said rocky hill*

  • Tengölics Tamás
    Tengölics TamásVor year

    Go back and play R6....

  • AKIBA Samurai
    AKIBA SamuraiVor year

    Marley you can play War thunder,I think it's funny than World of tank

  • ug ugg
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  • AliBruhBruh
    AliBruhBruhVor year

    Damn idots

  • Tanks are cute
    Tanks are cuteVor year

    When I saw the World of Tanks mercenaries thing, I thought of terrorists with tanks

  • Mtx
    MtxVor year

    When gOdS Play World Of Tanks

  • Kaden Wright
    Kaden WrightVor year

    When Idots play world at tanks saw that video

    FUNMANVor year

    Marley its russian game. Tachanka coming kill you...

  • TacticalTexan 09
    TacticalTexan 09Vor year

    YOU IDOT lol

  • Komical I
    Komical IVor year

    how do u not have a millions

  • Momrocco
    MomroccoVor year

    You spelled idot wrong

  • Daniel Szegedi
    Daniel SzegediVor year

    Everytime they say 'mate' take a shot of vodka, you'll die of alcohol poisoning

  • Sylent_-
    Sylent_-Vor year

    When idoyts play world of tanks

  • TTV LuKas
    TTV LuKasVor year

    Let's Go Marley

  • Brendan Mahoney
    Brendan MahoneyVor year

    This video was hilarious. Excited to see this in the future

  • Skerritsch
    SkerritschVor year

    "What's the bulletdrop like"

  • JosyFish
    JosyFishVor year

    Marley I have to see you play roblox phantom forces, 1 like = +.5% chance of him seeing this

  • Tackson Joxic
    Tackson JoxicVor year

    490th comment

  • Expo017 PR
    Expo017 PRVor year

    Try out WarThunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alpha so
    Alpha soVor year

    I’m Iranian and I love your videos you are soooooo goooood

  • C.I.A
    C.I.AVor year

    When idoyts play world of tanks

  • Ilio
    IlioVor year

    #the new Event in Rainbow

  • the boy gamer and girl gamer gameing and vlogs
    the boy gamer and girl gamer gameing and vlogsVor year

    i mad no tom clancy

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    DARK_FOX096Vor year

    If you don't sub to Marley immediately he will not be able to 1 tap anyone ever again 😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵🥺🥺🥺

  • Leif Michaelson
    Leif MichaelsonVor year

    ima use your download to get world of tanks

  • João
    JoãoVor year

    Hey marley i am brasiliam player of rainbow six i love your videos my family love you

  • Mohammed Doski
    Mohammed DoskiVor year

    Marley i have an glitch that u can dropshot in r6

  • Anton Z
    Anton ZVor year

    I played this game since it came out but now my computer is too old and it has potato graphics so now I grind blitz on my phone

  • Anton Z

    Anton Z

    Vor year

    Btw I’m Russian and trust me this game is worth playing I grinned it and it was fun but please don’t expect very good balance

  • Ekrex
    EkrexVor year

    No more...

  • Le Baguette
    Le BaguetteVor year

    When Marley has a tank which is restricted only in some servers. >_

  • MaggieMeeForever
    MaggieMeeForeverVor year

    Play the AMX ELC bis. It's the little speedy boi.

  • Carolyn Wensley
    Carolyn WensleyVor year

    The reason this video doesn't have many views is because DEnewss isn't even reccomending it to Marley's subs. I had to search up his channel to find this video and I have notifications on

  • Pahstah
    PahstahVor year

    Take a shot every time Marley says mate

  • King_Kwintin
    King_KwintinVor year

    Marley when are you going to play Destiny 2 again

  • Dev Singh
    Dev SinghVor year

    300 IQ idea you+sovietwoble+zfcyanide= awesomesauce

  • 4C
    4CVor year

    Yo fam new event on siege

  • Loser
    LoserVor year

    Tachanka is about as broken as Marley’s upload scedgule tbh

  • tuna çolaoğlu
    tuna çolaoğluVor year

    did you see what they did to lord

  • Amitעמית חייםgaming
    Amitעמית חייםgamingVor year

    You amazing 😉

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    hei hoVor year

    Will u play C'SGO again

  • Rjames Reel
    Rjames ReelVor year

    I thought you were a drone

  • Kwantung Soldier
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    Есть пробитие

  • Jenny Tongson
    Jenny TongsonVor year

    When idoyts play world of tanks

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    И вам проплатили?)))

  • Francesco Currò
    Francesco CurròVor year

    TANK God you uploaded a WORLD OF TANKS video

  • Righteousmage 31
    Righteousmage 31Vor year

    You know what would have been sick. If the title was "when Idots play world of tanks."

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    Aqui e br

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  • ok
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    Brasileiro e huehue

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  • Ryley Wallace-Orgill
    Ryley Wallace-OrgillVor year

    Marley you should post more probally try post everyday for a week challange your self

  • Kaede plays
    Kaede playsVor year

    Ik it's not your type of game but you should try for honor it would be really funny with your editing

  • NICK
    NICKVor year

    She'll drop WTF is that you need to find a player how know what to do

  • sacha wauters
    sacha wautersVor year

    "Dom" meant stupid in Dutch

  • Robin Rohe
    Robin RoheVor year

    This game is trash. Play War Thunder.

  • Crux
    CruxVor year

    You went through all of this trouble to make it PG by beeping out Dom cussing and then just gave up halfway through the video LMAO

  • Yoseph The boss
    Yoseph The bossVor year

    You've heard let's get this bread no you've heard obtain the grain but now FEED OFF THE WEED

  • Yoseph The boss
    Yoseph The bossVor year

    Its ok Marley, get that sponsor money.

  • Karen
    KarenVor year

    This game is a full at very fun and brings me back to when I was like 8 and I sat on my computer playing this game all day you should play more often if you can Marley

  • Mr.Wooby
    Mr.WoobyVor year

    Play war thunder plz

  • Hobsy Lobsy
    Hobsy LobsyVor year

    Mate ;_;