I'm the ultimate hacker in Rainbow Six Siege


Sometimes the wallbangs, one taps, and crazy gameplay looks so suspicious that people think I'm CHEATING in Rainbow Six Siege...
However, I can assure you that it's just the power of being a waffler, and vibing around having a good time with the boys in Operation Steel Wave!
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  • Marley
    MarleyVor 4 Monate

    cheats or waffle?

  • Isaac Jones

    Isaac Jones

    Vor 9 Tage


  • n s

    n s

    Vor 19 Tage

    I love waffles they taste so good

  • Wakanda Boshit

    Wakanda Boshit

    Vor Monat


  • Kye MacDonald

    Kye MacDonald

    Vor 2 Monate


  • Luca Esquivel Chaves

    Luca Esquivel Chaves

    Vor 2 Monate


  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan MillerVor 3 Tage

    I played against Marley in a quick match the guy was a plat 3 so I think it was the real Marley and my friend playing with me it was his second game ever it was a fun experience but we ended up winning 3-0

  • Dragon
    DragonVor 3 Tage

    why are dom and custards hate marley being good? they getting hard carried

  • Royal Doughnut21
    Royal Doughnut21Vor 5 Tage

    "That is a typical Warden main" . *Goes warden* . Me, a warden main who uses shotgun and SMG-12: Its time to commit spook

  • Sly1pie Lolbit
    Sly1pie LolbitVor 5 Tage


  • Sly1pie Lolbit
    Sly1pie LolbitVor 5 Tage


  • xavier drouin
    xavier drouinVor 6 Tage

    Comp? or unranked?

  • Beastmode 2448
    Beastmode 2448Vor 6 Tage

    How many times have you been banned

  • Nathaniel Middleton
    Nathaniel MiddletonVor 6 Tage

    I call the vibe alarm the bass booster

  • NoahplaysR6 Lol
    NoahplaysR6 LolVor 6 Tage

    Does anybody notice the Marley never uses his ak-12 blk ice

  • SE-exile
    SE-exileVor 7 Tage

    Mate if Marley made a cheat it would be ‘waffles with syrup’ and it would only allow 4ks a ‘wall-bang reminder’ and best of all the ‘one in the chamber

  • The Infamous Tools
    The Infamous ToolsVor 8 Tage

    The amount of disrespect he’s giving with the pistol is unreal

  • RagtagSAVAGE
    RagtagSAVAGEVor 10 Tage

    Coconut brah and Marley collab soon

  • ulises silva
    ulises silvaVor 13 Tage

    5:40 my lawn mower when it dont work

  • Ethan Brest
    Ethan BrestVor 13 Tage

    I wanna play r6 because of this but Cold War is out for beta and I’m in school

  • WSOTD huh
    WSOTD huhVor 14 Tage

    how does he lean without aiming?

  • Deron Taylor
    Deron TaylorVor 14 Tage


  • Turk3yDoesYT
    Turk3yDoesYTVor 14 Tage

    I have subbed since "Meeting a Toxic Hacker" vid and i dont regret anything

  • Tsukkis Bottom
    Tsukkis BottomVor 14 Tage

    Marley people gonna think you hacking through walls

  • Juan Fade
    Juan FadeVor 14 Tage

    Can we take a moment to realise how custard hate pulse for the kill on him yet pulse was dead already so it was smoke or another op

  • Callum R6
    Callum R6Vor 15 Tage

    If custard get a ace I’ll like

  • StormzMtb
    StormzMtbVor 17 Tage

    He cheats for sure

  • Maakaboys 321
    Maakaboys 321Vor 18 Tage

    Are those hacks

    BONKAIIVor 18 Tage

    I like how you can’t tell the difference between the hacks and the actual gameplay

  • vPharo_ Ixar
    vPharo_ IxarVor 18 Tage

    Je suis le seul fr sur cette chaîne

  • BJ Merge
    BJ MergeVor 18 Tage

    Meaty is the reason I randomly die to random wallbangs in my games

  • DINO 711
    DINO 711Vor 18 Tage

    0:13 how

  • Hi There
    Hi ThereVor 19 Tage

    Who else thinks he should make a alpha pack opening video

  • Pitiful Rock D:
    Pitiful Rock D:Vor 21 Tag

    i wish i had money for r6 :/

  • Thee Sniper Warrior
    Thee Sniper WarriorVor 21 Tag

    I’m confused how people think how he plays is legit? It’s interesting to watch but it’s been super obvious that he has hacks/mods 😕

  • Wolfric


    Vor 18 Tage

    Thee Sniper Warrior why do you think he hacks

  • Bionic Ops
    Bionic OpsVor 21 Tag

    BBC’s hdffndsfv

  • Miles Moulton
    Miles MoultonVor 21 Tag

    Marley gets a basic kill Dom: WHATTTTTT did u do?

  • Jorden Fabry
    Jorden FabryVor 24 Tage


  • xIam187ingUJR
    xIam187ingUJRVor 24 Tage

    Other team: yo he’s cheating Custard: na that’s just Marley

  • Primary Turtles
    Primary TurtlesVor 24 Tage

    Its not every day u see the mythical dead marley

  • Linkerz28
    Linkerz28Vor 25 Tage

    They should make the killcams the bullet so then you see how it kills them and where from in slow motion

  • ToXicWoogie
    ToXicWoogieVor 25 Tage

    This man is cheating

  • FatJim
    FatJimVor 26 Tage

    3 millll

  • Caleb Shepherd
    Caleb ShepherdVor 27 Tage

    he literally has wall hacks or sum

  • josh strutz
    josh strutzVor 27 Tage

    3m subs

  • Charlie Hill
    Charlie HillVor 27 Tage

    Congrats on 3 mil

  • Miles Bethel
    Miles BethelVor 28 Tage

    What does 2.99 mil subs feel like? I take it back

  • TSP2100
    TSP2100Vor 29 Tage


  • Mohammed Enki
    Mohammed EnkiVor 29 Tage

    come on marely is realy close to 3 mil

  • Dwerrg
    DwerrgVor Monat

    lerts go boyys

  • flx.zentic
    flx.zenticVor Monat

    11:45 this happend to me too XD

  • mancsi1234
    mancsi1234Vor Monat

    0:25 you just killed a hungarian, how could u

  • Jeffrey Xiong
    Jeffrey XiongVor Monat

    6:59 Marley wrote down get 5 kills but he never like in a match or a round or whatever just get 5 kills

  • austan jackson
    austan jacksonVor Monat

    Pack opening uwu ??????????

  • Nayr Llarevo
    Nayr LlarevoVor Monat

    Does Marley play ranked?

  • RipexX
    RipexXVor Monat

    Almost 3 mil

  • Arber Aliaj
    Arber AliajVor Monat

    Marley is good or hacks i do not know

  • Arber Aliaj
    Arber AliajVor Monat

    HAHA Coconut Brah

  • Gavin sinram
    Gavin sinramVor Monat

    i miss the old head shot sound

  • Justin Dude
    Justin DudeVor Monat

    Y’all are hilarious you should tk more

  • Akhil Trivedi
    Akhil TrivediVor Monat


  • Jared Goat
    Jared GoatVor Monat

    “U love to see mate” ikr I do love to see it

  • Mason Roldan
    Mason RoldanVor Monat

    hacker marley good player marley bad player dom

  • Hektor Soltesz
    Hektor SolteszVor Monat

    you should do customs with dom and custard

  • Szabolcs Tardi
    Szabolcs TardiVor Monat

    9:39 lol the text says "cumhere"

  • Yt EnemyArkFive
    Yt EnemyArkFiveVor Monat


  • chorix _
    chorix _Vor Monat

    Who do you like more Like=dom Reply=custard

  • Rektless Kraken
    Rektless KrakenVor Monat

    Bois we need to get to 3mil, I REPEAT OPERATION 3 MIL IS UNDERWAY. We got this bois

  • Kiwify
    KiwifyVor Monat

    What skin does he use for cavs primary

  • Squidthegamer
    SquidthegamerVor Monat


  • Tiko Tiko
    Tiko TikoVor Monat


  • Dylan Winkler
    Dylan WinklerVor Monat

    My rainbow is updating and yesterday the severs were down

  • Patu
    PatuVor Monat


  • jared watts
    jared wattsVor Monat

    Did you just dis me a warden main twice here is a 5 part list why he is a god 1. The new mini acog on his max is godly 2. He's fast as fook 3. Yes his Gadget is very situational but when you get into that situation it's very unexpected to the other team 4. His guns amazing. mpx on valk bad take it away and make warden dual wield them 5. Counters ying and flashbang ingenral aswell as smoke grenades. And that concludes my 5 part list of why warden is good.

  • Ahmad M
    Ahmad MVor Monat

    5:35 can someone tell me what is this sound effect called?

  • Ahmad M
    Ahmad MVor Monat

    5:37 best part imo 💀💀💀

  • Freddy
    FreddyVor Monat

    I like the set up of the thumb nail like the meme

  • Zuhu inc
    Zuhu incVor Monat

    Wait im banned in the clip on 9:02 havent logged in on that account for the longest time wtf

  • NickZaga
    NickZagaVor Monat


  • Josia Müller
    Josia MüllerVor Monat

    You silly little man!

  • The Crusading Crew
    The Crusading CrewVor Monat

    I suck at this game

  • Jacob Houwman
    Jacob HouwmanVor Monat

    Sometimes I genuinely think he’s cheating

  • Txvish Mullick
    Txvish MullickVor Monat

    The way he says hello mate on kanal in the most joyful voice

  • ViciousU Yt
    ViciousU YtVor Monat

    I was playing with pog.champion yesterday lol

  • Jade Lord
    Jade LordVor Monat

    is it just me or does he really only kill idiots

  • Leona Rickerby
    Leona RickerbyVor Monat

    Oh hi

  • Ravan2036
    Ravan2036Vor Monat

    So many Halo sounds

  • Charles Johnston
    Charles JohnstonVor Monat

    Insert sorry 7× here

  • Emma o'connor
    Emma o'connorVor Monat


  • Team TGM
    Team TGMVor Monat


  • Skyper Cherry
    Skyper CherryVor Monat

    why when i see you get an ace i fricking tab to see if that was an ace lmao

  • Akmol Ali
    Akmol AliVor Monat

    Marley just has a good gaming chair he’s not hacking

  • Chazz Stevenson
    Chazz StevensonVor Monat

    Great call out by Lt. Custard 👌🏼

  • seven awesome gods
    seven awesome godsVor Monat


  • Aaron Fowlds
    Aaron FowldsVor Monat

    Wow you’re amazin I love you Marley

  • CTK_Nate__Hacker
    CTK_Nate__HackerVor Monat

    Juan black ice

  • Maestro Rudyy
    Maestro RudyyVor Monat

    you is hack?

  • Basicz On mobile
    Basicz On mobileVor Monat

    Every time marley shoots threw a wall expect a +130 in the middle of your screen

  • Mackenzie Tieck

    Mackenzie Tieck

    Vor Monat

    Y o u l o v e to s e e I t a little bit

  • Elliott Willmott
    Elliott WillmottVor Monat

    Can billy be part of the squad plz that would be amazing

  • xKaoz
    xKaozVor Monat


  • Elmer Lopez
    Elmer LopezVor Monat

    The amount of luck Marley has with the random wall bangs🤯

  • Komatose 876
    Komatose 876Vor Monat

    So like, if Marley and Custard got shipped would it be called Mustard? Because I just realized that and laughed my arse off. XD

  • Nicholas Wolfe
    Nicholas WolfeVor Monat

    Ha simp

  • TTV_logzy09
    TTV_logzy09Vor Monat

    you love to see it mate dom no no

  • Team HWR
    Team HWRVor Monat

    When you make it to the the end of the video and the other videos block the text so it says “Do not subscribe, Marley will quit.