Why You NEED to Play Alibi - Rainbow Six Siege


This is why YOU NEED to play Alibi in Rainbow Six Siege. With the release of Operation Para Bellum coming up, it's the perfect time to try these new OP operators on the TTS servers. Alibi and Maestro are AMAZING! And maybe a little toxic...
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  • xXMDP gamingXx

    xXMDP gamingXx

    Vor 5 Monate

    Is alibi a 3 speed?

  • Nicholas Derrick

    Nicholas Derrick

    Vor 9 Monate

    Marley, I know this video is from a year ago, but Dom or Custard should've went Mute and placed a jammer next to you so when dokkaebi calls you it insta-rejects it.

  • Memento Mori

    Memento Mori

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    What's the song at 4:05?

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    Can you give my PCS for 30$

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    Discord link says expired? feelsad :/

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    Mega poggers Marley 3 mill

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    A mozzie MainVor 25 Tage

    If I saw: Marley, bikini, russian b, coconut and dom (or custard) in my game I would either give rook armour as a I sign of defeat or just nitro myself

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    Yuku ¿Vor Monat

    Marley almost there mate 3 mil let’s goooooo boysss

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    joey gamesVor Monat

    alibi is my main thx for making this vid

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    5:15 to 5:31, custard in a nutshell

  • Dippity Flippity
    Dippity FlippityVor Monat

    ah yes, the times where everyone played together, before they all became big time youtubers

  • 02
    02Vor 2 Monate

    If alibi got 4 prismas it would be better

  • skuxxyy
    skuxxyyVor 2 Monate

    What the heck how is Ali a playing with no hands 2:12

  • Nitro
    NitroVor 2 Monate

    I don’t get it why don’t the ops just throw their phones away and then she can’t ring ur phone

  • Dillon Swain
    Dillon SwainVor 2 Monate

    I'm watching in 2020 and saw the old acs12 not slug😥

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    Finn Ferguson-WhiteVor 3 Monate

    amyone in 2020?

  • Bishoy Adel
    Bishoy AdelVor 3 Monate

    me:sees video me after the video:literally shoots every single aliby in the entire game LMAO

  • The R6S Shield Main
    The R6S Shield MainVor 3 Monate

    4:48 they both made vocal mistakes

  • NotaTypical Gamer
    NotaTypical GamerVor 4 Monate

    "I YEE... I YE... I YEE...I YOOOTEED ON HIM" -- MARLEY 2019

  • Chris Damato
    Chris DamatoVor 4 Monate

    if you have ever been mowed down by the AA12 you should know why all those people were running

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    I’m naming my daughter Alibi

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    This video highly enjoyable🤩😍😍😍😝🥰🥰😂🙃. PLLlllLlllZzzzz could??? you make more but with motlre content??????? and modded features and xvideos type instruments....................????????

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    Kerem PeruVor 6 Monate

    30 ammo shotgun WHAT THE -

  • Mirage.
    Mirage.Vor 6 Monate

    Currently saving up for Alibi, and I’m almost at 11k renown!

  • Matthew Quintel
    Matthew QuintelVor 8 Monate

    I’m a albi main

  • Hope
    HopeVor 8 Monate

    i love the boucy rev aim

  • Hope
    HopeVor 8 Monate

    i love the boucy rev aim

  • Adinan333Gamer
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    What is the song name in the ending?

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    Ending music is dope OwO

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  • lxzvy
    lxzvyVor 9 Monate

    If yall want an attack character thats good BUY DOKKAEBI shes easy to use and her shotgun with acog is the BEST

  • lxzvy
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    Im so good with the m4x storm its not even funny bruh

  • Shades Void
    Shades VoidVor 9 Monate

    You do be deleting the Kobe comments tho

  • Slay Pay
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    0:22 :*(

  • DIO Brandon
    DIO BrandonVor 9 Monate

    Mearly what is a better scope on Alibi prefect reflect or holographic sight

  • Absolut Adnan
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    What’s the name from the song at the end from your video?

  • Christian Ames
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    Marley is your key to victory

  • Master
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    5:25 that’s literally aimbot

  • Stephinee Mccay
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    That was absolutely 5 min of absolutely god like cheek clapins

  • Depressed and Stressed
    Depressed and StressedVor year

    Marley's starts are OP AF

  • JL2DX _1
    JL2DX _1Vor year

    Albi and buck are the best operators change my mind

  • Nathanielahand
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    1:58 when you stack a level on Stacker lol

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    Norecoilscript.com Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Rainbow six siege Battlefield V No Recoil for all Games , Mice Escape from Tarkov CS GO Rust

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    This is how many times he said yeet I don’t even know

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    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! CoreRoss :( RIP!

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    Love your youtube channel and how did you get soooooooo good at rainbow

  • Ege Surme
    Ege SurmeVor year

    on ubisofts mobile application if u ask sam beta how should i play alibi it shows this video :D

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    “Have you heard about the shotgun meta”

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    Subscribe to me

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    How many hours have you played of siege

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    The title should be "why you should go every operator in the gane

  • Leon-Nita is HESZEK!
    Leon-Nita is HESZEK!Vor year

    And yeah you need to play maestro

  • Leon-Nita is HESZEK!
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    Marley Nice content kepp doing that ok

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    Marley is the best youtuber

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    2:17 S7ORMy approva

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    7:55 sounds like defult dance Sorry for fortnite reference

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    Marley: 1:21 Ubisoft:*removes dropshot*

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    I love you bro thanks for...

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    6:15 is that a borderlands 2 reference?

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    This vid was sponserd by ali a

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    6:16 Is that a refrence to Zer0 from Borderlands 2?

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    Never in my life did I ever watch a full Ali-a video.

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    Hi this is Tom clans'ys we are going to nerf meat marly

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    Almost 1 million views nice

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    This video made me spend £4 on r6s

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    just seen this video in 2019 and as much as it makes probably a lot of people want to slaughter you for how toxic you are, it's really funny to see you just bash through a window and just YEET people over a balcony 😂😂😂 nice vid man 👌👌

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    I love his intro the clicking with the marley sign

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