The Worst Players in Destiny 2 Gambit


Finally got my hands on Destiny 2's brand new game mode: Gambit!
It's a competitive game mode, but that doesn't stop me from having some fun in it.
Enjoyed Sending it hard with da boys #Destiny2Forsaken
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  • LagTown
    LagTownVor Monat

    I hate when my teammates have more than enough to summon primeval but still continues to harbor some more

  • BrayJ Ninja
    BrayJ NinjaVor 2 Monate

    You'd think that Marley would smack some kids bean off the map with 1 bullet

  • Scythe
    ScytheVor 5 Monate

    This video did awful 😂

  • Dino Dude10160
    Dino Dude10160Vor 8 Monate

    Marley played with HOUNDISH?! :0

  • Return3
    Return3Vor 11 Monate

    Yeet yes he played d2 before lol?

  • ben montesanti
    ben montesantiVor year

    Holy god this hurt

  • J Chrispy
    J ChrispyVor year

    More please Please more

  • Dylan M
    Dylan MVor year

    If only he would play it now...whole different game. He would really enjoy it

  • That one guy named spy
    That one guy named spyVor year

    ever here of aming your gun]

  • Gam3CamProductions
    Gam3CamProductionsVor year

    I love how he casually joined a game with Houndish and didn't even recognize it 😂

  • Nigead
    NigeadVor year


  • 》《 □ 》《
    》《 □ 》《Vor year

    These guys are gamers

  • Calfeine
    CalfeineVor year

    you didnt even have melee yet

  • Am I Cool Yet?
    Am I Cool Yet?Vor year

    Hey man, what’s the song at the end if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Sefuro Lema
    Sefuro LemaVor year

    Funny and cool video to watch lol. Thanks for the laughs. Never heard of you guys, but just subscribed.

  • Kellan Wu
    Kellan WuVor year

    Marley playing d2. My favorite game other than rainbow

  • MaliciousGaming
    MaliciousGamingVor year

    Face reavel

  • Noah 890
    Noah 890Vor 2 years

    Warlock = Best class. Change my mind

  • Brian Steiger
    Brian SteigerVor 2 years

    4:10.. you got 4 rockets and keep shooting with HC.. i feel like a pro after that video xD

  • Syber-VHS
    Syber-VHSVor 2 years

    is D2 good yet?

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent NguyenVor 2 years

    please play more destiny 2 dad

  • herzog 46'
    herzog 46'Vor 2 years

    Please, don't play destiny you are bad

  • Jih H
    Jih HVor 2 years

    DIvision Last Stand looks great

  • Robert Holmes
    Robert HolmesVor 2 years

    *Houndish don't know what console he plays on* lmao great!

  • That Angrycat
    That AngrycatVor 2 years


  • Jin Oh
    Jin OhVor 2 years

    Is this THE houndish?

  • Cursed Khien
    Cursed KhienVor 2 years

    I miss Marley's old my little pony videos. He deleted the videos so dont even ask.

  • geobro
    geobroVor 2 years

    toxic marley

  • anthony karl
    anthony karlVor 2 years

    where is he from

  • Starkibbles 80
    Starkibbles 80Vor 2 years

    Please play more destiny, I love this game

  • Kacper Lewandowski
    Kacper LewandowskiVor 2 years

    He hits literally everything apart of the boss when he activated his super

    MOSHPIT OOFVor 2 years

    I fucking hate the tards who don’t bank the nodes when there’s enough summon

  • Neko _.
    Neko _.Vor 2 years

    I've been playing Destiny since the first week D1 came out and this video made me very happy

  • Funshadeslayer
    FunshadeslayerVor 2 years

    Black ice

  • Kolericyt
    KolericytVor 2 years


  • Tree Whiskey
    Tree WhiskeyVor 2 years


  • Sam van Oevelen
    Sam van OevelenVor 2 years

    unfortunately the one game where you can't send it whilst hipfiring Marley

  • MacPhlurry
    MacPhlurryVor 2 years

    Lmao you'd have an easier time if you didn't hipfire

    r1.cxVor 2 years

    This man out here using double hand cannons and hip firing the boss when he has rocket launcher ammo...and he ain’t got a melee at all...

  • swag life 2020
    swag life 2020Vor 2 years

    i see marley i click, i see destiny 2... i get a stroke

  • 2nd Shock Army Operator
    2nd Shock Army OperatorVor 2 years

    1:10 aze daze aze

  • Joseph Mccaslin
    Joseph MccaslinVor 2 years

    More deadstiny

  • TheWhiteWolf
    TheWhiteWolfVor 2 years

    I feel sorry for houndish being in this team. I lost my 1st round then got the hang of it now I have not lost a game. People are so dumb holding 15 notes then getting killed. Also when you go though the portal make sure you bank any motes 1st in case you die.

  • x5n9_
    x5n9_Vor 2 years

    1v1 me on siege scrub

  • Lachlan O'Neill
    Lachlan O'NeillVor 2 years

    oi play D2 more

  • Joey Berg
    Joey BergVor 2 years

    I love D2 Forsaken, but this might be the most frustrating game mode I've ever played in Destiny to date. I'm on my 6th game, and not only have I yet to win once, I haven't even taken a single round. Most times we can't even summon the primeval. I legit do not think people understand how to play this game mode yet, because I'm seeing multiple teammates at a time running around with 15 motes with no intent to turn in, whilst our bank festers with three or four medium blockers and nobody but me is trying to clear the bank but I CAN'T BECAUSE WE KEEP INVADED AND I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME GOD DAMMIT

  • Sawyer Lorentz
    Sawyer LorentzVor 2 years

    Where is the alpha pack vid for grim skies?

  • Active Traitz
    Active TraitzVor 2 years

    Stay to rainbow pls

  • Alxm 17
    Alxm 17Vor 2 years

    keep making d2 videos plz

  • Fish
    FishVor 2 years

    Forsaken is actually the best dlc ever glad to see u playing it :)

  • Dimitris OnDrugs
    Dimitris OnDrugsVor 2 years

    Dropshots in D2 maybe ?? 😂😂

  • Copper 4 Hours
    Copper 4 HoursVor 2 years

    White things, u racisty boii

  • Moon
    MoonVor 2 years

    You should play with Hixcap.

  • Edan G Wheatley
    Edan G WheatleyVor 2 years

    Get off my game you Rs6 BOI

  • Zack Woods
    Zack WoodsVor 2 years

    Houndish ( my favorite d2 content creator) and Marley (my favorite r6 content creator) playing together???? Hell yeah bois

  • BearTracks
    BearTracksVor 2 years

    Lesion video please !

  • Josh
    JoshVor 2 years

    Try some proper pvp I bet you will be good a it.

  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous GuyVor 2 years


  • Henry Cho
    Henry ChoVor 2 years

    While everyone gets sponsored by EA, Marley plays Destiny 2 lol No hate just sayin

  • Manuel Tedesco
    Manuel TedescoVor 2 years

    Marley plays Destiny?! I love this guy

  • Gispee
    GispeeVor 2 years

    well u got 400k

  • BigNegrito
    BigNegritoVor 2 years

    Used to play this game

  • Yezika Notario
    Yezika NotarioVor 2 years

    Congrats on 400k

  • Hi, I'm Connor The android sent by CyberLife
    Hi, I'm Connor The android sent by CyberLifeVor 2 years

    Congrats on 400k Marley I love you and your videos no matter the game! Keep it up

  • sage channel
    sage channelVor 2 years

    Yooooooooo you play d2

  • Afonso Pires
    Afonso PiresVor 2 years


  • Kevin Roman
    Kevin RomanVor 2 years

    What kind of Destiny Dlc is this ?

  • The Society
    The SocietyVor 2 years

    Frickin spaghet

  • Culture Erik
    Culture ErikVor 2 years

    400k 💯😮 congrats

  • Coltan02
    Coltan02Vor 2 years

    Yestuday he had 399 thousand subs now it’s a solid 499

  • Casseurde Q
    Casseurde QVor 2 years

    GG for 400k bro!!!

  • WayTooEasy
    WayTooEasyVor 2 years

    Still waiting on that Alpha pack opening and face reveal

  • Toxic Danny
    Toxic DannyVor 2 years

    Aww that was cringe but weren't we all in the beginning

  • JG
    JGVor 2 years

    Play siege instead pls

  • Remix Pyn
    Remix PynVor 2 years


  • Salt
    SaltVor 2 years

    You know when you watch someone play a game, and their so bad that you are constantly cringing, this is it.

  • nexxoid
    nexxoidVor 2 years

    Meaty Maverick

  • This Pleases The Nut
    This Pleases The NutVor 2 years

    Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda MUUUDDAAAA

  • Rykouille
    RykouilleVor 2 years

    More D2 videos please Marley !

  • Joleel
    JoleelVor 2 years

    400 k yeahhhh

  • Moist
    MoistVor 2 years

    I guess Marley should stick to siege haha funny video though

  • Phil Colbrook
    Phil ColbrookVor 2 years

    Where’s the alpha pack opening

  • 마쓰이
    마쓰이Vor 2 years

    Wow marley quiting Rainbow six (jk)

  • DoveTwitch
    DoveTwitchVor 2 years

    I didn’t know Marley knew PSI Syn

  • HoodeddRed
    HoodeddRedVor 2 years

    just an option but please make more d2 videos

  • Shockz
    ShockzVor 2 years

    Fuck yeah! Play more of this

  • MagicalFork
    MagicalForkVor 2 years

    Wait till you go into crucible

  • Sans Obama
    Sans ObamaVor 2 years

    Is it only me who noticed he didn’t unlock abilities

  • sharkbaitjr _
    sharkbaitjr _Vor 2 years

    I cant tk people 0/10 omegalul

  • Ryan L
    Ryan LVor 2 years

    My favorite DEnewssr plays my two favorite games?? Wowza

  • Fplaying God
    Fplaying GodVor 2 years

    Rainbow ?

  • Snedger
    SnedgerVor 2 years

    I lowkey wanna play D2 again because of this

  • Martol
    MartolVor 2 years

    These new ops are cool looking.

  • Boned Daddy
    Boned DaddyVor 2 years

    I'd love to see you SENDING IT some day in D2 competitive

  • Arfan Ahmed
    Arfan AhmedVor 2 years

    My Boi Houndish with ya lit squad mate

  • Kevin
    KevinVor 2 years

    destiny mega gay

  • Aaron Todorovic
    Aaron TodorovicVor 2 years


  • ForM
    ForMVor 2 years

    So sad that Marley can’t drop shot

  • Joona K
    Joona KVor 2 years

    Marley and PsiSyn?! What a time to be alive

  • Hugo de Sousa
    Hugo de SousaVor 2 years

    Stick to rainbow