When you vibe too much in Rainbow Six Siege


Do you ever vibe too much in Rainbow Six Siege? Sometimes the waffle, wallbangs, aces, clutches, one taps, and other insane kills can result in you being removed for vibing. Operation Shadow Legacy is going to bring lots more of that waffle...
Thank you guys so much for 3 MILLION subscribers! That is insane.
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We may have recently hit 3 million subscribers on the Marley youtube channel, but this isn't actually a best of 3 million or best of 2020 highlight video! This is 40 minutes of unused and unseen rainbow six siege funny moments from the past few operations / seasons. Also, don't worry! The Alpha pack opening that you've all been waiting for is closer than you think, do I finally get black ice? We will see! There are also some challenge videos on the way.


  • Marley
    MarleyVor 6 Monate

    Thanks so much for 3 million subs boys! That is crazy. This video is 40 minutes of unused clips from the past few seasons, did you guys want a best of 3 million too? Big things coming gamers! Merch and the alpha pack opening are coming real soon :)

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    I love you and support your ok upload schedule

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    I just had to comment to make it 500

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    Love ur vids keep up

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    Road to 4 mil!

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    Marley Eire question are you 20+years old?

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    At 11:30 I was dying laughing but I’m in study hall so I have to be quiet 😂

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    Dom only has 6 more months to be in G2. Legend says its not gonna happen

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    11:27 That laugh XD

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    5.22 sneaky snitch intensifies

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    9:49, are u an glyzzi or what?

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    8:03 terraria female hurt sound

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    Marley how i can make yellow kill effect in my premier can you help me pls?:(

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    The people that dislike the video why tf are you even watching it

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    Shut up

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    I swear this is just a normal video but extended 😂

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    lol the people who got banned at 31:28

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    3:08 low-key made me poo myself

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    marley can i ace?

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    Why is it 40:01 you have to make it a odd number

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    17:42 F

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    I don’t know why Marley beaks getting the kill every single one

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    35:32 how you jumping?

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    Hahaha they turn copper as soon as they see marley

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    Hoy could I find that scream from the 0:47

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    Dom Is so fucking annoyed by you Marley. “WHEEEEEEEZE”

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    honestly i just FEEL like every enemy is a paid actor

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    wait wait wait. the mario kart music? why have i only just realised?

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    I think sometimes Marley has Aimbot cause he turns so quickly to wallbang then someone is there

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    I looked up how old bigboydumb is and it’s says he is 51 now tell me if this is wrong or right

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    when you realalize that marley dies

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    im assmatic and he wheezes more than me lol

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    The rigid bamboo uniformly move because friend splenomegaly exercise aside a chief authority. harmonious, sincere trial

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    the sad thing is I’ve got an ace before Dom

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    18:47 you won’t regret this

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    Honestly sometimes I feel like Marleys cheating but he’s not he’s just vibing bro

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    1:59 tripple bean balance on em

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    U sound like WillNe

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    Loving the use of the mario kart wii victory music

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    This Mario kart wii Musik 😂😂 Kind vibes

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    Dom has 6 months left to get into G2 to keep his word.

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    You guys make my day ! Thank you guys!

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    At 14:50 I was drinking water...at 14:51 one of my pillows were wet😭

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    You got me into siege and now im a memer and some how im silver 1 because of all this vibe!

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    At 17:42 why is there just a fish on the floor

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    10:00 marley died

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    Thermi Shotgun is OP

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    CIARA, Ciara, Keira mate wtf Key ear ru

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    what was the first operator he used in the first clipp?

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    probably shouldn't call yourself a child after u just got smooched my Marley

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    Lmfao poor Dom

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    Somebody said they stopped for Marley's ace but they was clearly trying to get the kill.

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    The editor making the wheeze words stretch out🤣🤣🤣

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    "third time lucky, nah, fourth time lucky, yeah." *BIG WHEEZE*

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    The young jewel congruently employ because baby densply brake save a nebulous storm. detailed, level ethiopia

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    Custard be like legsydvd dosidgxvdbxgzj then dies

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    marley wheezed so hard that my grandma thought the whistling kettle was ready

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    I swear Marley makes the best rainbow six siege videos The edits are nice commentaries great and subtitles are awesome

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    2:49 wtf is that sound effect

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    How do u get so bad enemys or are u just that good lol

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    King baiter

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    Marley gives dom and custard so much shit 🤣💀

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    17:43 is that a red herring?

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    24:53 i couldnt even tell if that was cut or flash speed flick

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    at the end someone sounded like stampycat

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    I can't stop watching this

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    Why do these enemies even spawn if Marley is just gonna do that to them.

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    who here play roblox reply my comment :U

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    Was it just me or did I see three people get banned in the video at 31:30

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    I got an Ace today and i feel like im flying

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    im 14 and ive been playing siege for two to three years and i have two more aces than custard

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    did dom say the n word at 27:56 ??????

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