When you vibe too much in Rainbow Six Siege


Do you ever vibe too much in Rainbow Six Siege? Sometimes the waffle, wallbangs, aces, clutches, one taps, and other insane kills can result in you being removed for vibing. Operation Shadow Legacy is going to bring lots more of that waffle...
Thank you guys so much for 3 MILLION subscribers! That is insane.
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We may have recently hit 3 million subscribers on the Marley youtube channel, but this isn't actually a best of 3 million or best of 2020 highlight video! This is 40 minutes of unused and unseen rainbow six siege funny moments from the past few operations / seasons. Also, don't worry! The Alpha pack opening that you've all been waiting for is closer than you think, do I finally get black ice? We will see! There are also some challenge videos on the way.


  • Marley
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    Thanks so much for 3 million subs boys! That is crazy. This video is 40 minutes of unused clips from the past few seasons, did you guys want a best of 3 million too? Big things coming gamers! Merch and the alpha pack opening are coming real soon :)

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    Pls can we have a 3 mil special I beg

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    Congrats bruv

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    I want a best of 3 mil and Congrats

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    Literally dunked on him like Lebron James 20:54

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    What is the sound name at 26:11 I want to know

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    Did you dislocate your neck at 24:52

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    Thats was some grate 40 minuts mate

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    I wonder since it didn’t make it in a video custard already has an ace and he’s a filthy ash main

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    Imagine being Ying and losing to pre-rework Tachanka.

  • SeventhSpade
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    11:24 he was barking then turned into a lawn mower

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  • A Nonny Moose
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  • A Nonny Moose
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  • Diego MasterYT
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    Dom makes a hole for Custard Custard starts shooting Custard dies 😂

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    Why are the hip fires so small

  • David 7654
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    Marley shoots claymore. Teammate: "That would've been the claymore to get the last kill." *Foreshadowing*

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    You well come marly

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    Wow custard cant get an ace? I've got an ace and it was insane

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    Can someone help me? Whenever I launch r6 i always crash idk why i tried lowering my graphics but it still crash.

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    You sound like jack

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    Buck doesn’t have nades

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    What game is this

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    guys did you saw that when Marley played Kali and he injured Mira and he finished it with a pistol but he played kali? 8:18

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    I normally hate watching siege but this content is actually interesting and fun to watch with constant laughs 😂😂

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    First time I've been unsubbed :( but I'm back!

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    11:30 lonmower time

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    Congratulate me I did not pi$$ myself while watching jeepers creepers

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    40 mins of Marley popping beans

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    *i always check to see if i liked the vid, because i L O V E to see marley onetapping everyone.*

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    im so good im like you i play siege

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    I got up against people with the biggest brains in my casual games and these guys go up against 6:40

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    17:41 why did a random image show up 😂😂

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    he makes it seem so easy

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    Is it just me or does he sound like the friendliest and nicest person ever

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    9:41 be the best part

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    40 minutes and 1 second

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    I've been playing Rainbow Six siege for one week and I literally just hit my first Ace

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    Plz stop saying bruv, it’s so forced and u sound like such a bellend

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    Why did it look. Like dom hit his head and does 32:10 through 32:15

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    5:07 tf2 pan noise

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    Marley uploads:🙂 It’s over 40 minutes of pure waffle:😀😀😀😀😀😀

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    6:50 when the pilot with 155 souls on board does barrel rolls and loop de loops at 35,000 feet.

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    As a Marley, it feels so weird seeing the comments talking about "me" since its such a uncommon name LOL..

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    Let’s be honest, this could be the title to every one of his videos.

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    I love ur videos so much there the best content on youtube 😂💯

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    Ur clips are way to good and in sorry but they get old stop being nuts

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    he like a pg version of mcnasty

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    Dom is the friend that sucks at the game but makes the game worth playing cause he makes it fun

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    I live to hear these wheezes

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  • We are You now
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  • We are You now
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  • We are You now
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    3 million subs and 3 million views **perfectly balanced as everything should be**

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    11:27 sound like when you turn on my crf50f 😂😂😂 a little deeper and it sounds like my crf110f dirt bike 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Idea for video: al loadout video showing what you have for each operator

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    How has Marley not been banned for the shit he does, like I’m watching his perspective and I still don’t believe it.

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    So what level are you?

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    The fact that the word wheeze just expands

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    5:50 Я подумал, что смотрю видос Дениса Карамышева из-за этой музыки))

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    Damn when Dom might have saved Marley’s life Marley rejected it lmao

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    I have a phobia named, scopophobia, the fear of being watched, mine has a trigger of being in a dark room, currently in a dark room so my phobia which has a hint of paranoia mixed in is currently going off, but marley is actually helping calm me down from this phobia attack that i’m currently having. Keep on vibing, marley!🥰🥰

  • Mockaa
    MockaaVor 8 Tage

    Some of these clips are recorded after the pack opening, at 0:37 he has the zofia gun skin which he unboxed brand new in a pack video released after this one

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    Wheezing? more like a kettle boiling

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    It's super weird that I haven't ever found anyone ever in the history of my nearly 3000 hours of gameplay that acts as ridiculously oblivious as literally apparently every single player that ever faces marley every single day. How very strange.....