When you vibe too much in Rainbow Six Siege


Do you ever vibe too much in Rainbow Six Siege? Sometimes the waffle, wallbangs, aces, clutches, one taps, and other insane kills can result in you being removed for vibing. Operation Shadow Legacy is going to bring lots more of that waffle...
Thank you guys so much for 3 MILLION subscribers! That is insane.
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We may have recently hit 3 million subscribers on the Marley youtube channel, but this isn't actually a best of 3 million or best of 2020 highlight video! This is 40 minutes of unused and unseen rainbow six siege funny moments from the past few operations / seasons. Also, don't worry! The Alpha pack opening that you've all been waiting for is closer than you think, do I finally get black ice? We will see! There are also some challenge videos on the way.


  • Marley
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    Thanks so much for 3 million subs boys! That is crazy. This video is 40 minutes of unused clips from the past few seasons, did you guys want a best of 3 million too? Big things coming gamers! Merch and the alpha pack opening are coming real soon :)

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    I just had to comment to make it 500

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    Love ur vids keep up

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    Road to 4 mil!

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    Congrats mate!

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    Wtf is up with the fish

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    Are we just not gonna talk about how the kill sounds are smash bros items?

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    Did anyone notice that at 11:25 the enemy looked like a jockey from Left 4 Dead. Maybe it's just me tho...

  • LoneWolfGaming
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    Can I tell you something Marley I had a lot of alpha packs and then I just got one black ice it’s for

  • A Mysterious Gamer Approaches
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    I prob should do something where i play lesion and put a gu on a hotspot area and just look at it slightly above as lesion waiting for it to gonoff

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    if these videos are scripted, where are the bloopers? just extra money bro

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    Anyone else notice he spelled "rumor" wrong

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    25:20 he sounds like mongral

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    the funiest thing is I farted at the exact moment when the airjab exploded 1:24

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    17:35 my fav part

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    Marleys getting Dream level luck with these bots

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    Bee code nathansnee

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    i forgot how good siege was before i watched this vid.

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    Are the people you play against really bad or are you just that good? 😂😂sometimes I can’t tell

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    13:35 leaving it here to come back to forever

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    It’s a new word claymorebruv

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    Power outage

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    95% of this clips i will die in this situation gg r6

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    Why cas?

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    His Edits want to make me puke

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    Whatever you pay your editor is not enough

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    Didn’t you bully the Eldians?

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    I think marley has gotten so good that watching him makes people better at seige

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    I'm excited for the day that marleys gameplay is all black ice

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    Did house get new decorations?

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    Ive never seen a 40min video full of edits and stuff ;) nice marley keep it

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    Does anyone know the bean sound is called 1:44

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    CaMeRa kIlL.

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    Ew a 4K with jackal I got an ace

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    34:35 when dils pronounced Ciara wrong that genuinely annoyed me

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    U are a god

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    How do I peak with a gun without aiming?

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    *sees acog on mp5* *Cries in the corner *

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    #bigboy_nood lmao

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    Dom’s gonna be maaaaaaaaaaaaaad 2:38

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    I love that Marley has subtitles, one of my favorite youtubers too watch since im deaf

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    Are you Marley from Marley and me

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    Marley is not hacking he just has a very good gaming chair

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    This is how Marley is always caught lying Dom: did you just get a wall bang Marley: no Dom: yes you did Marley: *wheezes*

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    9:40 funniest clip ever

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    Dont mind the name but everytime custard goes oh idk funny but cute

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    I love the Mario cart music

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    i made marley headshot compilation check it out denewss.info/channel/en6srdWsenTfsas/video.html

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    Hiw to you lean without scoping like at 0:52? Just got the game for christmas btw

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    This was absolutely fucking beautiful... I litterally never laugh at YT vids but somehow i just fucking woke up everyone in my flat by pure laughter mate... Bloody hell

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    That laugh at 11:25

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    lol my friends are in this video no wayyyy

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    i dont find marley funny.

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    at 20:56 we call this in germany "NACKENSCHELLE"

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    oh I see so you are part of the marleys, hope ereh destroys your city 😊

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    so after research at 1:45 the second kill popped up before he shot the shield dude so techically it was the first kill he didnt see. still love u tho

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    11:25 are you okay custard😂😂😂

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    Imagine him being on FBI

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    no one : - - - marley : i like yo cut G 20:56


    This man is a fucking wizard,he sees the future,hes a god

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    My fave bit was when he beaned that kid

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    Kali has the p226? When?

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    Yoi fucking old man jesus That is true jesus is 2021 years old

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    Pog for Jesus Christ lord

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    Already 3 months ago (basically it’s almost Jan 3, 2021

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    Yo I just realized that was a notorious B.I.G reference 7:06

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    can u make a video just using kali but only show no scopes and quickscopes or steal custys ace

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    11:27 uuuum

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    What is the Name of the Sound at 5:43

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    Hello, if anybody wants to hear me scream like a little kid cause I got a ash black ice set, come to my channel! I spent a lot of effort editing my video, it would be greatly appreciated if you could watch, like and or subscribe! Ty

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    At like 9:45 when Marley started wheezing I started crying laughing

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    Takanker forgot he had hands

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    it was said

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    34:45 had me crying with that Frost hahah

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    Marley you need a whole video of your best trick shots with kali

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    I just got an ad that went for fucking 10 hours Lol

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    *the "roomer" on the street*

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    I’m only 11 but Ik the best in hip hop like Nas 2pac and The Notorious B.I.G

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    Biggie biggie biggie can’t u see sometimes your words hypnotize me

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    Marley do you like The Notorious B.I.G

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    Why don’t you u do a video we’re you kill all of team mates and solo it the whole time

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