The ANGRIEST player in Rainbow Six Siege


Playing Rainbow Six Siege is always going to cause toxicity, but no one gets angrier than my friend Ruben.
I hope you guys enjoy the video, nothing makes me laugh more than the sounds of my friends getting triggered at games.
Gameplay is from ranked matches at plat 3 level.
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    Yes sir

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    I still dropshot but without aiming (using laser lol) and it works most times lol it's even funnier than before

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    Marley I know you get this slot but what's the outro song called not tryna piss you off cuz I respect you #REVOLVERTRUST

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    Lucia Ørangehurricane

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    4:26 *fucking bless you dude*

  • Nova Bova7
    Nova Bova7Vor 12 Tage

    When he got angry by not killing lesion, if you play it in slow mo he hit him once and the pillar XD

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    I wish he still played with Ruben



  • GamerShinobi
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    this video is me everytime i play siege

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    Is rub n like the old LT custard

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    The oafish circulation technically complete because scorpio particularly spill throughout a cautious hurricane. silky, longing step-uncle

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    1:10 the infamous clip @rub_n

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    Play at .25x at 1:13 the most perfect okay 👌

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    Whos here in 2020 after he hit 3 mil subs

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    #bring Ruben or harry back

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    can i just say 2:59 nice ping

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    Last few second: “If that was not the dirtiest Ash Ace, I don’t know what is.” Your past self is in for a treat!

  • 郭天源
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    Wait a second, is this the first video that Marley met doom

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    Harry was a simp before it was not cool

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    This is the most British video I’ve ever watched

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    Omg, ash has a cog on r4-c. The nostalgia

  • Tw1styy_
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    My guy is using the word simp before it came relevant and used in every scenario, hats off to him for being the only one to use that word in his name

  • Smjee
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    Nice to see how he improves

  • Bryce Smith
    Bryce SmithVor 7 Monate

    When you bully yo_boy_roy, and two years later he's a big Siege DEnewssr

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    Anyone gonna notice that this was made 2 years ago and it has only 700 comments like really

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    It's amazing watching this now as someone who watches Ruben stream, he's so much more chill

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    and how energetic marley is

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    he was on my team in ranked today and we won 4-1 ((:

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    @Patricia Staps "Toxic Ruben" makes me laugh

  • Patricia Staps

    Patricia Staps

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    he is much more chill, but i like the old one aswell

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    This is still one of my favorite Marely vids ever

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    Why is that secondary shotgun just...shit?

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    can we all thank marley for being the only one that plays ranked and dosent suck the soul out of his stream he actually entertaines us

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    For anyone that plays our watches minecraft story mode RIP Ruben.

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    Rainbow 6 siege is cool

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    This video never fails to make me laugh

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    outro song?

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    Marley... how the fuck do you edit so god damn well? teach me, my videos look plain and boring

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    4:26 is literally a Tom and Jerry scream HAAHAH

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    Does rub_n have a youtube channel

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    Old outro

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    Marley:iam the yungest one hear Marleys head:i am olsow the best one hear

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    Shut up Marley 😂

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    When u do face reveal

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    This is nothing play newcomer and all the kids who think it’s ranked

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    4:26 he sound like a shy guy from Nintendo yelling for tost

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    What’s the name of the song of the outro

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    You said peek to Dom not yeet

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    If u don’t have a love hate relationship with this game are u really a r6 player 😂

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    1:00 cav looks so suprised

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    When the game is still broken and have issues like operation health

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    Rub_n needs a hug

  • standb2
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    Having used the BOSG for an extended period during Yeehaw Mode, it’s hit detection does lie to you.

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    Watching marley is like watching a pianist playing a tune and it’s always got the right flow it sound amazing marley is a g at siege

  • Vanitioni Hellmora
    Vanitioni HellmoraVor year

    I got my first rank today and it was bronze 1 but then I played a few more games kept getting Kills quite a few of them but my teammates wanted to not shoot or try to ace by running into a room full of enemies. Now I'm bronze 5

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    @Marly Absolutely nobody: That one kid with asthma on sports day:1:38

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    What's the song called

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    Muy buenos vídeos❤

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    "Good evening sir" he sounds loke jarvis from iron man

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    I hate to see it, it was the last of your videos i didnt watched. Think you have to hurry up uploading 😂😂

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    Marley like you tried your best knowing he missed every shot

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    What is the Name of the Song in the end ?

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    4:05 It tooked me 1 year to understand what happened there.

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    1:00 she's so surprised LMAO

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    how tf did he not kill frost when he was glaz

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    Face reveal Like so Marley can see

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    Sorry bud this vid was a year ago.

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    Even after a year none of marelys friends are as competent at shout casting as he is

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    RIP Ash Acog

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    Ruben: shoots at the *skullular* misses Marley: doesn't shoot the enemy in the head gets a headshot *HACKS CONFIRMED*

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    Got 15 kills 1 assist and 4 deaths beat dat and it was in ranked

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