This video will make you LOVE Rainbow Six Siege


Rainbow Six Siege has become the game I love the most. And if you enjoy funny moments, one taps, wallbangs, aces, and waffling with your squad, it should be your most loved game too.
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    Follow me on steam and gift me rainbow

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    Lord Shaxx you are too

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    FrostT Storm c m.

  • Internal Fuzin
    Internal FuzinVor 16 Stunden

    He says for the computer has no dropped frames it looks like he’s frames were dropping presenting that

  • PurpleCowboyYT
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    He put in the terraria over world music in yes

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    Dom nicked your kill

    NBA FOR LIFE!!Vor 2 Tage


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    Lieutenant is pronounced “leftenant” not “lootenant” unless you are American

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  • zlspencerlz
    zlspencerlzVor 14 Tage

    It’s kind of funny that he is so fucking good at the game but only has a 1.3 k.d, I know that that is really good but i thought that it was funny how many aces he gets, also, I wish he would do more tryhard videos to really show his skills, I would love a series like that similar to varsity gaming. He probably won’t see this but still, it would be a good suggestion

  • slumberpickle
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    I miss doc and took acog

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    Still one of the best

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    Nice marly

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    It's not CHRISTMAS

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    I am haveing a seuver 1:24

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    I want to see a one tap 360° dropshot it's complicate but I think you Can Do it

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    0:12 They tryna be CREy, THEY TRYNA B Cray!

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    Get him too three mil people


    9:21 I love terraria

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    I feel bad for poor Big Boy Dom your sometimes an asshole to him

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    yes he did steal your kill

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    4:16 lmao

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    4:16 You cannot bait the mastrubator

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    10:49 lmfao

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    Terraria music👌

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    3mil face reveal

  • Boldbee Gaming
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    3 mil face reveal!

  • Boldbee Gaming
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    3 mill face reveal

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    8:38 he said pulse when he was playing Bandit😂

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    hhahahah 4:13

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    I fantasize being this good one day

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    The ending was so emotional

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    9:24 nostalgia...

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    Hey Marley since you have 2.88 million lovely subscribers would you do a face reveal? I’d love to see it

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    0:12 whats that song again?

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    I got r6s but my pc could only run 10 fps so I cant play it anymore. I also cant get my refund.

  • Creeper
    CreeperVor 2 Monate

    Yes a Z390 and an i9 makes for better performance and efficiency, but it WILL NOT make you a better gamer. Unless your playing on a Pentium with an RTX 2080 Ti, then umm, don’t spend all your money on a graphics card? But I guess when Marley posts, *YOU LOVE TO SEE IT*

  • Deddo_ Kenji
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    They tryin to be 📦, They tryin to be 📦 she wanna meet Carti that bitch is a 👱🏻‍♀️ = Barbie

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  • TRNPlayz Official
    TRNPlayz OfficialVor 2 Monate

    Dom did steal ur kill, but you did nick his ace and bait him on several occasions wich i love to see:)

  • FrenchFry Guy
    FrenchFry GuyVor 2 Monate

    Slide into action with call of duty ghost gonna, slide into action with call of duty ghosts. Who remembers that???

  • The Creator Of Memes
    The Creator Of MemesVor 2 Monate

    Who is XelaPlays?

    AADELIGHTVor 2 Monate

    cheeky waffle dom stealing kills

  • Fuze / Shuhrat Kessikbayev
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    I love the Easter egg that I’m a playable operator

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    I miss old house

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    Song at 0:13?

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    Did mans just get a 2 sponsors in 1 vid

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    When you get this console and you still suck 1:20

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  • ItsChickennn
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    Does anyone know the music at 9:22?

  • ItsChickennn


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    max sanj thanks so much bro. I knew I had heard it before but I couldn’t remember where. You’re a legend.

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  • Andrew Yamilkoski
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    Yeah definitely the PC and gaming chair

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    Marley fakes his vids

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    Well this video was lie

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    Stealing his kill wat a boomer

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    5:25 he stole your kill

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    Did anyone else see the person get banned at 8:49

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    Already love it and I’m one of the beat PS4 players in 1v1s

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  • Ew Gross Not Very Epic
    Ew Gross Not Very EpicVor 3 Monate

    6 months later you stealing the hostage for points is still fricked

  • Andre Yamilkoski
    Andre YamilkoskiVor 3 Monate

    Pc more like wall hacks,, I mean a gaming chair

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    360 wambo combo

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    Old house😞

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    Who is ExlaPlays tho

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    Sorry haven’t got twitch

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    I thought the sponsor was aimbot!?!?!?

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    This yid was on my birthday

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    Custard is like the chandler of r6

  • I AM A BRICK • 1 second ago
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    You can not bait the master baiter

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    Mate my parents looked at my phone right when the subtitles said cardboard penis 😂

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    That sponsor clip gave me epilepsy

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    Fuck you

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    He stole the kill

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    He said “And we drop no frames”😂😂😂😂 1:19

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    Dom stole your kill

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    whats ur fav operator??

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    “You cannot bait the master baiter” -Marley 2019

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    This is the kind of ad i would love to have on my tv

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    Please nerf marley op af

  • Inceneration! Beware
    Inceneration! BewareVor 3 Monate

    1 year later too many people were Dum enought to buy a pc like it just to find out that the pc doesnt make the player better. I9-9900k and a motherboard doesnt give you better fps. Jesus fucking christ. 90% of streamers got no idea what they are playing on they just blarp shit out about a pc which they read from the instructions manual.

  • Kaleb Adamson
    Kaleb AdamsonVor 3 Monate

    soooooo basically this sponsorship is you approving of pay to win?

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    EPICSTUFF WWVor 3 Monate

    "You cannot bait the master Baiter" -Marley 2020

  • Rize_ Bonjour
    Rize_ BonjourVor 3 Monate

    BigBoy_Dom: bruv Marley: One taps Custard: Fackin hell

  • Jason Perez
    Jason PerezVor 4 Monate

    I started a twitch account and I’ll be streaming on it daily the games I play are war zone and rainbow it’s called Jerkyjudgmental.

  • 1ove2Act
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    What’s the song at 0:12

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    Search up they tryna be crape and you’ll prolly find it

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    Bruh that gaming chair

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    I play siege on my school chromebooks

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    It's been 6 months and I still haven't received my presents yet probably gonna be 3 years before I get it ;-;

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    Custard do be stealing your ace doe

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    You uh play terraria?

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    i like fart effeeckt

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    Dom is a fricking brick for nicking your kill

  • Gabe Borden
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    Marley: is sponsored by a cpu company Also Marley: has clips that only exist due to him rubber banding

  • HyteSmothery 9
    HyteSmothery 9Vor 4 Monate

    Marley: waffles about how bad he was Also Marley: OHHHH YEHA NOW WERE GAMING!!!!

    RECRUIT SCARVor 4 Monate

    theory: marley is actually horrible at the game and he’s going against bots.



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    PhantomBoi 97 nice

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    That is the worst theory I have ever heard in my entire life

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    Playboi Carti music ?

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    I mean I saw custard do more 4K than dom

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    Bro I was your 145,000th like

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    Dom stole ur kill. Dom stole ur kill. Dom stole ur kill. Dom stole ur kill. Dom stole ur kill. Dom stole ur kill. Dom stole ur kill