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  • Marley
    MarleyVor 2 years

    Howdy fellow GAMERS xD This is something new. Check out the game, you can send it pretty DARN hard. I have a juicy Rainbow Six video coming out in 1-2 days. STAY TUNED

  • Cindy Kok

    Cindy Kok

    Vor year


  • Mounted MaDuce

    Mounted MaDuce

    Vor year

    play more I have this game its really fun

  • Rajjeekat


    Vor 2 years

    Marley u said 1-2 days its now 4 days later

  • Twitch CertifiedBruv

    Twitch CertifiedBruv

    Vor 2 years

    Marley Mr.Homeless roasted you you got exposed you meanie penninI *dabs*

  • Latino White Boy - LWB Gaming

    Latino White Boy - LWB Gaming

    Vor 2 years

    Where’d the new video. Don’t see it anywhere :(

  • Marble cops
    Marble copsVor 3 Monate

    Wow when Dom wasn’t toxic

  • adsacds
    adsacdsVor 9 Monate

    Every time he says torpedo it sounds like tall pedo it was wired when my phone on full volume sounded like a tall pedo touch me but it’s torpedo

  • Dirty42humaN
    Dirty42humaNVor 11 Monate

    I need more Warship video

  • Farmer.Mp4
    Farmer.Mp4Vor year

    It can’t take 6 months to design one ship because if there would be over 200 ships it would take over 100 years unless there is a lot of people constantly working.

  • LBS
    LBSVor year

    the HE tho

  • FishyUwU '-'
    FishyUwU '-'Vor year

    Other players:I fear no man but that thing *Marley* it scares me

  • Seems Legit
    Seems LegitVor year

    It fucking disgusts me when these sponsored vid people get premade accounts with access to top tier ships only to fail at using them.

  • Weeb
    WeebVor year

    This mans tactic though *laughs in navy*

  • tom.mk7_
    tom.mk7_Vor year

    "I'm new to the game" gets plugged a tier 10 ship

  • DTG Verified
    DTG VerifiedVor year

    How are you good at every game

  • Paule
    PauleVor year

    operation toxity on sea

  • Swegme 500
    Swegme 500Vor year


  • XxHyp3rB3a5txX


    Vor year


  • Casey Matthews
    Casey MatthewsVor year

    Boi ur guy is related to shigeru miyamoto (if u don’t know who he is then how???)

  • Muted
    MutedVor 2 years

    mean people be like MARLY YOU BETTER UPLOAD ONE MORE RAINBOW SIX SIEGE VIDEO OR IM BLOCKING YOUR CHANNEL >:(. I be like:this new content is cool

  • Cobra Rabbit
    Cobra RabbitVor 2 years

    i dont like you!! xx

  • L Schwanz
    L SchwanzVor 2 years

    You could Play that Game offen that was insane

  • Gizi772
    Gizi772Vor 2 years

    need dropshots in WoWs

  • Dreshawn Young
    Dreshawn YoungVor 2 years

    New subscriber i love ur videos

  • Ishio Ramo
    Ishio RamoVor 2 years

    I wish you got a promo code for the warplane ones

  • Rom TTG
    Rom TTGVor 2 years

    I have seen All your videos and the old videos too

  • joost van arragon
    joost van arragonVor 2 years

    if you wanna do sponser video more often I think it's okay, feel free to

  • adrian albaladejo
    adrian albaladejoVor 2 years

    No get rid of the shrimp flag I had to grind for it you got it for free

  • Sancho Pancho
    Sancho PanchoVor 2 years

    Ушёл с Русского ютуба из-за этого...

  • Pinhead
    PinheadVor 2 years

    Wait this is isnt siege

  • frost king
    frost kingVor 2 years

    U should play this more I like it

  • Manolis Spyridakis
    Manolis SpyridakisVor 2 years

    Is it available on PS4?

  • Tesco’s
    Tesco’sVor 2 years

    Who changed the sea of thieves loading screen?

  • Soviet_Hedgehog
    Soviet_HedgehogVor 2 years

    Umikaze is best DD

  • Adri76xD
    Adri76xDVor 2 years

    This game is really good, like wot :D

  • sergentredneckkerthanyou
    sergentredneckkerthanyouVor 2 years

    Marley you know u can Toro friendlies right for that extra hard mode

  • Defyin
    DefyinVor 2 years

    u gonna dropshot em by just turning into a submarine mid-fight

  • Glowner
    GlownerVor 2 years

    i always wonder if people actually enjoyed the game after sponsored videos. also sponsored videos are completely fine!

  • YVL_Purpelz
    YVL_PurpelzVor 2 years

    He needs a submarine so he can drop shit

  • prodkynos
    prodkynosVor 2 years

    i dowloaded it with the link but I didnt got the starter pack

  • Kevin Peters
    Kevin PetersVor 2 years

    Do you wanna let me Play on your acc?😅

  • Vk 45.01 P Aka Porsche Tiger
    Vk 45.01 P Aka Porsche TigerVor 2 years

    2:05 Somethings missing......

  • Notorious_GOD
    Notorious_GODVor 2 years

    It triggers me as a regular world of warships player that they were using HE and not AP

  • ProRox
    ProRoxVor 2 years

    If you are amazed by the graphics and the Gameplay try War Thunder

  • xy


    Vor 2 years

    ProRox Yeah no

  • The_real Spoilor
    The_real SpoilorVor 2 years

    Ooh thats a lotta damage

  • zoey
    zoeyVor 2 years

    100% he will never play this ever again

  • Evie Infinite
    Evie InfiniteVor 2 years


  • Evie Infinite
    Evie InfiniteVor 2 years

    WHAT IS THIS NON-RAINBOW SIX SEIGE PIECE OF SHIT? *reeeeeeeeeee* * proceeds to unsub

    THE777RESISTANCEVor 2 years

    Play warthunder!

  • Frank Mor
    Frank MorVor 2 years

    Marley dude your insane how you have such good battleships that fast love your content they really funny

  • Warren H
    Warren HVor 2 years

    Marley if you're into it this game is seriously fun. Play around with it and dig into it.

  • Dane Jensen
    Dane JensenVor 2 years

    War thunder is beter reeeeeee

  • sunflowersseeds_
    sunflowersseeds_Vor 2 years

    Atleast you upload more than homless

  • dad
    dadVor 2 years

    You served well WARSHIPCOMMANDER

  • PKanthaphixay 94695
    PKanthaphixay 94695Vor 2 years

    friand mua in robox pls

  • Andreii XCX
    Andreii XCXVor 2 years

    my password is MeatMarleysson

  • Pe Pe
    Pe PeVor 2 years

    He‘s taking the toxitedy everywhere

  • jakeywakeyboy
    jakeywakeyboyVor 2 years

    Just The Local Navy Protecting Us From Toxicity!

  • Henrik Olsen
    Henrik OlsenVor 2 years

    watching a Montana shooting HE just hurts so baaaaad :D

  • mazeje
    mazejeVor 2 years

    I got black ice for the God shotgun for tachanka

  • Nick Garner
    Nick GarnerVor 2 years

    Either they gave this guy a press account, or this guy plays A LOT more than he lets on... Also, there isn't 7 million players, this company straight up lies to people. They have a COMBINED 7 million different users, including alt accounts and bots, people who signed up and never played, or people who quit while they were ahead. They DON'T add new things every week, an update takes 7-10 WEEKS. The cheating is rampant in this game, and the company, WarGaming, REFUSES to address this problem.

  • LASM Gaming Blitz
    LASM Gaming BlitzVor 2 years

    You have not play WOT. Is another free game from WG.

  • Pelto
    PeltoVor 2 years

    HE spam😭

  • Big Boy
    Big BoyVor 2 years

    *f e l l o w g a m e r s*

  • Braeden
    BraedenVor 2 years

    MrPit is better than you!!!!!

  • Enti Cynical
    Enti CynicalVor 2 years

    Well, i didnt get it.

  • Miner4472
    Miner4472Vor 2 years

    Fucking high explosive use ap and send it

  • arensel84
    arensel84Vor 2 years

    How can you be new to this game while having years worth of in-game content? Someone gave you their account? Or you bought the account?

  • Pizza Clock
    Pizza ClockVor 2 years


  • Matthew Thomson
    Matthew ThomsonVor 2 years

    ur a brick

  • Jopu
    JopuVor 2 years


  • Finn
    FinnVor 2 years

    HE Montana new meta? xD The aim kind of hurt watching lol Nice video :) Edit: and I would actually love to watch other videos on WoWs as I'm not into R6

  • Life Simulator
    Life SimulatorVor 2 years

    WOWS isn't worth it in pc. The maps r far too big that it takes matches forever just to end, meaning that u can't play ur favorite ship again till like 10 more min.

  • Simon Callens
    Simon CallensVor 2 years

    Link code doenst work

  • bigbunz !!!
    bigbunz !!!Vor 2 years


  • Celtis
    CeltisVor 2 years

    Hey man, I don’t know if you remember me but you commented on one of my vids a while back. It’s been some time and I was wondering if you’d be able to just give me some tips for my channel and how on how I can make it grow faster. We’ve been doing DEnewss for almost the same amount of time but your channel has had crazy growth compared to mine (rightfully so btw) so I just wondering if you could help me out. Btw great video 😄

  • Finn Murphy
    Finn MurphyVor 2 years

    I hate you

  • Sotiris G.
    Sotiris G.Vor 2 years

    *WHY MY PP HARD WHEN I WATCH MARLEY'S VIDS?* How do u dropshot in this game? That's right, WITH A SUBMARINE.

  • haar
    haarVor 2 years

    I subbed because i thought you Were a warships youtuber. Guess ill stay for the rainbow

  • Mishary 702
    Mishary 702Vor 2 years

    00:20 music name ???

  • Pvt. Waffle
    Pvt. WaffleVor 2 years

    Yo Marley, I played Jailbreak on GMod with you yesterday. I'm Pvt. Waffle. Do you remember? I put a comment on your GMod profile, and I was wondering if you'd look at it.

  • Roldan Robert Lee
    Roldan Robert LeeVor 2 years

    I played wargaming since 2016

  • FryGuy
    FryGuyVor 2 years

    As long as the video is still entertaining then I'm fine with it being sponsored :)

  • UnityGaming
    UnityGamingVor 2 years

    200 ships x 6 months each = 1200 months. That's 100 years. I doubt they were working on this game for 100 years. But other than that, good video👍

  • YJK
    YJKVor 2 years

    I was gonna say "how the hell is he getting kills while playing level X ships? then I realized. It's PvE.

  • iTsRobar 5DV
    iTsRobar 5DVVor 2 years

    Remember when homeless exposed u😂😂

  • Misino. tony
    Misino. tonyVor 2 years

    Face reveal???

  • Javcky
    JavckyVor 2 years

    Marley is my dad

  • ZTkyrx_
    ZTkyrx_Vor 2 years

    Yeah no dropshots here 👏

  • Frost117
    Frost117Vor 2 years

    Victoryyyy and fuck the heavy damage

  • Mr. Shadow
    Mr. ShadowVor 2 years

    Dom= Diamond two

  • MexicanJoker
    MexicanJokerVor 2 years


  • MexicanJoker
    MexicanJokerVor 2 years

    Fix ur ship with some flextape that works 100%

  • MexicanJoker
    MexicanJokerVor 2 years

    Ur an damn pirate first sea of thives and now world of worldship by the way how's somalya

    2STEPSAWAYVor 2 years

    @marley please learn how to use AP on the Montana! It’s got the heaviest broadside in the game!

    NIFFY ARADIVor 2 years


  • Артем Акименко
    Артем АкименкоVor 2 years

    Nice video!

  • thirteen37
    thirteen37Vor 2 years

    He knows how to angle and retreat better than 70% of my teammates in this game

  • Kevin
    KevinVor 2 years

    7 million player base? they got 5k player average this month and 3k last avg yikes.

  • Basically_Michael
    Basically_MichaelVor 2 years

    Dropshoting ships? He can do it.

  • tsunami
    tsunamiVor 2 years

    More sigie

  • Kevin
    KevinVor 2 years

    I know a decent amount of big youtubers took this deal now idk how much money u gettin paid for it but the player count is still 4k. So i think its a big off a yikes in terms of no one wanting to play the game considering the spam email people who have a car channel x (cartrootle)...

  • j king
    j kingVor 2 years

    Don’t worry dude We already hate you :)

  • jesus chinchilla
    jesus chinchillaVor 2 years

    YT is not a Job....

  • Marley


    Vor 2 years

    How so?

  • Raleny
    RalenyVor 2 years

    Im pretty sure you were playing against bots MY dude