Rainbow Six Siege kills that shouldn't work...


I shouldn't be allowed to play Rainbow Six Siege...
Operation Shadow Legacy has finally arrived! Bringing the new operator Zero, the Chalet map rework, new gun, abilities, and gadgets! I'm super excited to bring you guys some waffle in the new season of Rainbow Six Siege... However for now, enjoy your regular serving of clutches, one taps, aces, wallbangs, whiffs, and being reported for cheating. More videos coming soon :)
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  • Marley
    MarleyVor 6 Monate

    Who's excited for Operation Waffle Legacy content? Missed ya gamers

  • Akin


    Vor 3 Tage


  • thatidotkid


    Vor 25 Tage

    am i late?

  • jose luis salazar araujo

    jose luis salazar araujo

    Vor Monat


  • Exodragon 4856

    Exodragon 4856

    Vor Monat

    Yes bruv

  • deadflame got dr1p

    deadflame got dr1p

    Vor 2 Monate


  • Bilal Adzani
    Bilal AdzaniVor Tag

    a mating whale?

  • Gflamex
    GflamexVor 2 Tage

    21:15 yea that went through the wall. Look at the bottom of the door after it "appears" ull see little footsies.

  • Alex Lewis
    Alex LewisVor 2 Tage

    He's so good

  • Alex Lewis
    Alex LewisVor 2 Tage

    Omg how does he know

  • Jontahan Zeegers
    Jontahan ZeegersVor 2 Tage

    Where you get rainbow on the pc

  • Landon James
    Landon JamesVor 3 Tage

    Is he haching

    SODA POPVor 7 Tage

    why does doms laugh sound like cardi b's little hehehehehe

  • Martti Majuri
    Martti MajuriVor 8 Tage

    what is that loop ?!?! 8:43

  • Hank Hill
    Hank HillVor 9 Tage


  • Matthew Halling
    Matthew HallingVor 9 Tage

    16:10 makes me mad cuz nobody acknowledged that joke and it made me laugh

  • Ewan Henderson
    Ewan HendersonVor 10 Tage

    If you feel like a god at R6 while watching Marley WE THE SAME

  • Esamin katun876 Richard linda796688*
    Esamin katun876 Richard linda796688*Vor 11 Tage

    The wary delete intradurally pine because postbox specifically sneeze qua a white chick. guttural H habitual, modern turkey

  • UNreal player
    UNreal playerVor 14 Tage

    1:15 bro dont trick us that was an injure

  • gamerboi 2214
    gamerboi 2214Vor 15 Tage

    Mate Count: 59

  • Carlos Garce
    Carlos GarceVor 16 Tage

    4:34 😩🤣🤣

  • MeteorGaming
    MeteorGamingVor 17 Tage

    can we have a moment of silence for the hundreds of people Marley has probably made rage

  • Tom Eberwein
    Tom EberweinVor 17 Tage

    Idk why but i thought about this rn soooo for what resan would anyone dislike this i mean its not political its justcthe rainbow vibe 😅

  • Oze
    OzeVor 18 Tage

    1:26 Consuela

  • Platinum IQ
    Platinum IQVor 18 Tage

    1:56 he just got a new gaming chaire

  • Toyney Drifts
    Toyney DriftsVor 19 Tage

    I like how he left out the part where marley said try to steal my ace to cilustard and he did

  • Jakey Jake
    Jakey JakeVor 20 Tage

    Marley is hacking ❌🧢

  • Jacob5887
    Jacob5887Vor 21 Tag

    it was the vibing bullet

  • Joesph Foster
    Joesph FosterVor 21 Tag

    I got my first ace at level 2 lmao

  • AyJinu
    AyJinuVor 22 Tage

    You deadass need to stop with then hipfires, much keyboards broken

  • Joseprodri56
    Joseprodri56Vor 22 Tage

    3:39 me when I failed an exam with 4,9

  • Luke Walsh
    Luke WalshVor 22 Tage

    I like how everyone rages when you kill someone

  • Bruh Mania
    Bruh ManiaVor 22 Tage

    What skin is that on the p226?

  • Soner Cinar
    Soner CinarVor 22 Tage

    is the hacker banned?

  • Norma Lynch
    Norma LynchVor 23 Tage

    at 13:42 i had a ad and it was a perfect cut off xD

  • Richárd Antal
    Richárd AntalVor 24 Tage

    5:50 i am fucking sure he was pressing remove barricade button lmao

  • Fireball Boi
    Fireball BoiVor 25 Tage

    It’s funny how there 23 min of this

  • ben boi
    ben boiVor 26 Tage

    Its funny how custard keeps getting shocked from your stuff

  • Cole Lamar
    Cole LamarVor 27 Tage

    The c4 came from inside the door to Dom’s right

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh BruhVor 27 Tage

    I hit a sick one tap one time, and I was afraid the guy would report me for cheating

  • Garruage YT
    Garruage YTVor 29 Tage

    0:33, thank me later

  • Saeran
    SaeranVor Monat

    17:31 I was playing Iana and the EXACT thing happened to me in the exact place I thought it was me for a minute there


    The dream of r6

  • Lane Tevepaugh
    Lane TevepaughVor Monat

    The c4 went through the wall

  • mythingie
    mythingieVor Monat

    is no one going to talk about how marley jumped in at 10:04 and looked down as if there was a frost trap?

  • Ethan Joyce
    Ethan JoyceVor Monat

    Guys is it weird that custard can’t ace and I aced on my first day of playing

  • HI 5
    HI 5Vor Monat

    The c4 glitched through the barricade

  • Paul Gregory
    Paul GregoryVor Monat

    Lol went through the wall XD

  • XTreemZZ Black
    XTreemZZ BlackVor Monat

    Someone's gonna have to make a Marley laugh compilation

  • Bo Kiewiet
    Bo KiewietVor Monat

    whats the name of the song at 12:08

  • remi 07
    remi 07Vor Monat


  • Rafa Gabriel
    Rafa GabrielVor Monat

    20:30 is so funny

  • Kabehero6 Gaming and blogging
    Kabehero6 Gaming and bloggingVor Monat

    Marley I am getting your hacks

  • zoiiddy
    zoiiddyVor Monat

    Marley can knife a shield op while blind and I cant even knife them normally

  • William Townsend
    William TownsendVor Monat

    6:16 *_WHA_*

  • Ellis Johnson
    Ellis JohnsonVor Monat


  • Charlie Barker
    Charlie BarkerVor Monat

    it was me, i was the bad one

  • Ganz Anonym
    Ganz AnonymVor Monat

    0:38 aight ima head out

  • Nana as
    Nana asVor Monat

    howww no recoil with kapkan weapon

  • Pepper Bannon
    Pepper BannonVor Monat

    you are the best at siege

  • Smart Oven
    Smart OvenVor Monat

    The dude just has a poggers gaming chair

  • BhiG_bRaNe
    BhiG_bRaNeVor Monat

    3:53 hit different to anybody else?

  • Gloex64
    Gloex64Vor Monat

    I can’t believe custard got an ace

  • ロッキーディル
    ロッキーディルVor Monat

    I faced my first cheater today, it was a Jager main who was using a macro

  • xX_YomeY_Xx
    xX_YomeY_XxVor Monat

    Facereveal at 4mil?

  • Kraken
    KrakenVor Monat

    i pray everyday just hoping that custard will get an ace but my dad told me not to dream big.

  • wannabe vids
    wannabe vidsVor Monat

    6:26 kaboom

  • Dark star
    Dark starVor Monat

    Love to see the bean shots 😂🤣

  • Michael Romano
    Michael RomanoVor Monat

    Marley *eats up the bean* Bull frogs * intensifies*

  • Jack Yang
    Jack YangVor Monat

    4:08 Gamer. 6:00

  • Toxicity Gaming
    Toxicity GamingVor Monat

    Marley you should do a setup show off. no face reveal just a setup show off if you get to 3.5M

  • Giovanni Roma
    Giovanni RomaVor Monat

    does anyone know the outro song i got it stuck in my head and now i want to find it

  • Chaotic Neutral
    Chaotic NeutralVor Monat

    Kills that shouldn't work? *everytime you die*

  • Kerdetz
    KerdetzVor Monat

    It felt like I had a seizure when marley fired the p90

  • Branson Bird
    Branson BirdVor Monat

    just realized thats a lot of waffles

  • MysticYt9
    MysticYt9Vor Monat

    6:25 me after taco bell

  • FartsAndPopTarts
    FartsAndPopTartsVor Monat


  • Mason Calkins
    Mason CalkinsVor Monat

    How old is marley

  • Alfredo Valdez
    Alfredo ValdezVor Monat

    Can someone please tag the video where dom original makes the impression of a boat. I can not find it anywhere and I really want to watch that video lol. Please help

  • Az Wright
    Az WrightVor 2 Monate

    Custard mate when will you ACE

  • Michael Cullen
    Michael CullenVor 2 Monate

    Yesterday I got p90 black ice

  • Yo Trev
    Yo TrevVor 2 Monate

    10:14 the fastest 4K I’ve ever seen Marley get

  • Codey Tannahill
    Codey TannahillVor 2 Monate

    4:49 seagull

  • Master_Royal YT
    Master_Royal YTVor 2 Monate


  • Jerimiah Henley
    Jerimiah HenleyVor 2 Monate

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  • Le Potat
    Le PotatVor 2 Monate

    Actually he should do a face reveal when custard get a C8 black ice Edit: which is probably never gonna happen tbh

  • Tom Lemon
    Tom LemonVor 2 Monate

    bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruvbruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv bruv

  • Crispymarsgaming Games n more
    Crispymarsgaming Games n moreVor 2 Monate

    3:53 Custard clutch “a rare sighting”

  • Panda
    PandaVor 2 Monate

    Did u guys catch that? At 1:10 Dom gets mvp and Marley is in 3rd place

  • Rinse van der Bent
    Rinse van der BentVor 2 Monate

    At 6:14 Marley gets a pistol wallbang kill I had that 2 but then with a hipfire

  • DoloreMMA
    DoloreMMAVor 2 Monate

    3:40 That was 1000% absolutely most definitely Tarzan

  • Bilal Adzani
    Bilal AdzaniVor 2 Monate

    when the video switch to map bank im playing in bank

  • Bilal Adzani
    Bilal AdzaniVor 2 Monate

    when i watched this i accidentally one shot a guy with maverick's pistol

  • Dj Reaper123
    Dj Reaper123Vor 2 Monate


  • Wonder SMP
    Wonder SMPVor 2 Monate

    3 things that make me love these wafflers 1. Custards boomer mic 2. Dom when he yells “ MATE “ 3. Marley when he wheezes

  • Ethan Schaufler
    Ethan SchauflerVor 2 Monate

    i swear this guy is just the king of vibing oh custard yeah mabe do not scream like a goat

  • Nathan Rourk
    Nathan RourkVor 2 Monate

    People say custard will never ace but there is footage of him aceing

  • NewsPaperBandits
    NewsPaperBanditsVor 2 Monate

    These are some kills that shouldn’t work.

  • Kellen Zuzenak
    Kellen ZuzenakVor 2 Monate

    Tbh his gameplay low key looks like that sometimes

  • Reveclty
    RevecltyVor 2 Monate

    Marley what weapon skin is that :)

  • Danial Lekir
    Danial LekirVor 2 Monate

    Dom's doubt almost always call Marley's kill. ;p

  • Top Scream
    Top ScreamVor 2 Monate

    13:03 i was confused why you lost, i assume it was hostage and the hostage just got extracted

  • TFG DarkSkull
    TFG DarkSkullVor 2 Monate

    Ghost c4 I slowed it down and checked.

  • FL4xs
    FL4xsVor 2 Monate

    Alexa what does waffle mean Alexa says BigBoyDom and lt.custard

  • MrBeanoBTW
    MrBeanoBTWVor 2 Monate

    No one: Dom when Marley gets a head shot or onetap: OOOOoOoOoOoOOoOoo MATE!!!