The ultimate squad in Rainbow Six Siege


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    When will you bring a face reveal

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    I like to eat waffles

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    love u

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    #proud for custard

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    Its the im like a golden retriever you throw a tense ball im going for it for m

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    friking wale xd xd xd

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    I prefer world of warships but world of tanks is good too.

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    You’re 100% hacking 0:07

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    custard singing the native americans song over here eh?

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    #ProudForCustard Love ur videos, Marley

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    I wonder if Marley reads his comments?

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    7:14 best noise in the world

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    i got my first ever pistol 1tap today and i just wanted to thank you sir for all your inspiration

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    stop with the waffle shit its kinda annoying

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    The fact this is the video posted 2 days after Marley’s dad passed away is crazy

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    How to get better at rainbow 1. Watch marley’s video 3.subsricribe 4. Call custard a walfler

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    great vid

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    haven't watched marley in a while. what in the ACTUAL goddamn is waffling

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    once I get the game you should teach me.

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    PROUD FOR CUSTERD........... still waiting for the ace tho

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    love how he says I hate seeing Pizza man, then wears him next clip.......... 19:15

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    I like how Dom is just a television

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    Ya like jazz

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    #ProudForCustard that's mah boi

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    Proud for custard

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    notice how he uses jojo sounds on his videos what a disgrace

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    I'm scared to see Marley quiet for a whole video and go full try hard

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    Dear editor, The farts are the funniest thing ever

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    "i get mad when i see pizza mozzie" next clip = plays pizza mozzie

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    I've been using that Mira kitchen spot for years and still no one ever notices

  • dylan Maroque
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    Custard: gets a 4K and dies Marley: *bagpipe mode activated*

  • Leo Hood
    Leo HoodVor 12 Tage

    19:35 as our friend BikiniBodhi would say, "Amaru is a good operator."

  • They call me a legend
    They call me a legendVor 13 Tage

    #Proud of custard

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    bro custard does anything at all Marley: WHEEEEEEZE

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    hes ferrk rfo[=0xnhbf ]pKSDCFN[ousdbfp9uiosdg fbo8lyidmbgfk

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    So I play siege while watching you and the part we’re custy failed I aced loser😂

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    this guy's frekin chetin

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    18:20 the betrayal and devastation

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    That guy singing

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    Show your fucking face mate..

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    I am convinced that it’s not skill it’s luck the Marley has its all just luck

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    You al now the one in the chamber but marly can we get the 1 hp one tap and a dream 🤔

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  • Gaming and Stuff
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    So, how much did it cost for the payed actors? (You're to good to be human)

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    best content creator 2020

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  • antonio morales
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    BRO im watching his videos in class and its so hard not to laugh with all these added effects on the vid dude.

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    Jay VVor 20 Tage

    Let’s be honest Marley doesn’t play theses shit games that sponsor

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    11:56 why tf she run like that😂😂

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    Nøkk ability does that

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    when custerd cutted his beard he looked like jacksepticeye

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    Are you even old enough to be on DEnewss

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    Petition for an unedited video

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    To be fair to custard why did that last shot miss?

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    12:57 that man is the son of Jesus

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    13:05 literally sounds like Gru from Dispicable Me

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    V epic papa Marley

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    Wehn comed a face reavel? 🥺🤝

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    Such a great vid ^^

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    Marley: 'I get angry when I see piza mozzie.' Next clip: * is pizza mozzie* 😂

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    @Hayden Rohloff piece of shit

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    Hayden Rohloff

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    Not funny didn’t laugh fortnite trash

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    jaja hablen en español prros

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    Someone should draw out Golden Retriever Custard!!! XD

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    I wish I can meet him but I'm on ps4

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    this guys frekin chetin!

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  • ToxicMortisBS
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    YOOO 3million subs

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    The editor needs our help.

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    choose ur team and play customs against my team. winning team takes $1000

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    Marley's editor be leik "JESUS CHRIST marley said UwU" hahsha luv u miss or mr. Editor

  • Keegan Gallagher
    Keegan GallagherVor 28 Tage

    11:20 Custard I’m glad your sharing your fellings with the viewers. I couldn’t tell you were angry.