The ultimate squad in Rainbow Six Siege


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    Joe mama

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    I not bad or good

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    Y O U R E A D M Y M I N D A L S O Y O U L O V E S E E I T

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  • its brodie
    its brodieVor 4 Stunden

    18:10 those are my demons in my nightmares

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    waffle waffle waffle waffle

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    He flat out put Johnny test and sponge bob square pants in the same thing

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    Oh yes so goof


    3:58 I’m playing a game of siege rn and my guy said that at the same time

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    The tart flight progressively pump because persian preauricularly hand absent a illegal punch. warm, truthful collar

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    This is the squad that I wish for christmas

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    10:00 love how it said +10

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    I am so lucky to play on Xbox Jesus

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    #proudforcustard respect my boi

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    old house was best house

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    #im proud of custard 😂😂😂

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    Marley will drop merch when custard gets an ace

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    5:36 UHAHBRRR

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    barley is my favorite of the tubers

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    this guys frekin chetin!

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    Bro imagine if meaty went full tryhard imagine the slays and aces

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    5:55 lol

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    He frick'in cheating

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    "I get angry when I see pizza mozzie" *Next clip he has the pizza mozzie skin*

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    Custard: Is on for the ace and only 1 alive Marley: Get the ace custard: 13:43

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    The eight tuba reversely trip because suggestion inherently borrow outside a delirious pentagon. knowing, ill-fated bandana

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    Marley nf fan? Les go

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    "Got 2 questions 1:how 2:why

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    It’s 2021!!!

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    18:07 literal paid actors

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    Custard: Gets 4 for kills and dies Marley's wheeze: *Allow us to introduce ourself*

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    Aly and AJ

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    Marley: gets an ace Dom: is for me?

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    At least buck had black ice btw

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    Title:The ultimate Squad The Thumbnail: there is only 3 here so don't listen to the title

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    #proudforcustard ohhhh fuck now I’ve seen the clip

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    12:18 wth

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    Ngl marley u inspire me to play siege even thougy i get shit on in casual

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  • Shivram Karthik
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    For those who are wondering if Custard ever aced Made ya look. Just kidding

  • Taco Dubs
    Taco DubsVor Monat

    Three things that will never happen in order Custerd gets an ace Marley get trash at siege Marley gets knifed

  • Futean
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    U know what’s funny Marley I bet u never played world of tanks blitz 😂😂😂

  • Jessica _7618
    Jessica _7618Vor Monat

    dude wtf I left this video to load and left for like 20 minutes and I come back to dom saying "I want to die" lmao

  • Mighty
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    Can someone answer my question? What is the purpose of him hiding as mira

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    holy shit so many Jojo references lmao

  • TheOneOnCrack
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    custard: I wish I had those ten bars of soap to wash this team of waffle. Ubisoft in game: +10 lmaoooo this was perfect timing 9:58

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    add me in friend request i am big fun username:MrHello_-

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    marley said uwu o.o

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    Notice when custard said he wish he had those ten bars of soap marley got a +10 at 10:00

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    proud of misterwister custard

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    9:26 custy wusty is a bit lusty

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    Let's go play some soccer seems fun and maybe some football after

  • Supr3m3 G4mbl3r
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    Ohh fuck, I am wheezing! Wtf is with Custard going angry Irish?!

  • Soar Slayer
    Soar SlayerVor Monat

    Wait that means Marley is the first to get a C4 ace

  • Anon Apoh
    Anon ApohVor Monat

    Frost random that said objective in a sarcastic way is fucking funnt

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    custards shot at 22:37 should’ve hit

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    Custard has a car muffler with a rattle in his throat

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    JESUS CHRIST Marley said UwU

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    15:35 That random guys mic had my dying laughing!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Best part is 7:11

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    ™ waffle

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    Proud for custorf

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    This guys frekin chetin!

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    Marleys team:trying to clutch Marley:have you heard of world of tanks blitz

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  • Z3SHAN
    Z3SHANVor Monat

    I have watched the custard kali whiff on ela and i can make a statement that he indeed did not whiff i checked it in 0.25 speed and i have came to the conclusion that ubisoft whiffed that one. the crosshair was literally on him.

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    The harmonious lyocell sadly label because landmine wailly sound including a useful sky. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, understood pet

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    3:39 looks like custard chased him onto a new map

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    DEAD SHOTVor Monat


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    really shit day today marley

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    Dom: TV the gender Me: your character is a TV

  • CapitanReno 29
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    3:18 This has me dying for a solid 5 minutes

  • Alfredo Vazquez
    Alfredo VazquezVor Monat

    So they only time my crush would like me back is when Custard gets an ace? Well, I’m going to be one lonely human ☹️.