The Copper Experience


Welcome to The Copper Experience. My funniest moments playing with Todd, who is completely new to Rainbow Six Siege.
The toxicity was set to maximum, to truly intensify his first time playing experience.
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I would never actually ruin someones first time on Siege. I love this game and am all for the growth of the community. Todd is a good friend, and this was playful toxicity between us. He will continue to play the game!


  • Marley
    MarleyVor 2 years

    Does it get anymore toxic than this? In all seriousness, thank you guys for the mind-blowing support lately. If you enjoy this video, drop a like! Let's aim for 10k :) We just revamped our Discord server a little, come and hang out with us! I'm usually chilling in the general chat :) - *DISCLAIMER* I would never actually ruin someones first time on Siege. I love this game and am all for the growth of the community. Todd is a good friend, and this was playful toxicity between us. He will continue to play the game!

  • Galaxy R6

    Galaxy R6

    Vor 4 Monate

    420th like: infinite power

  • Onel Hami

    Onel Hami

    Vor year


  • Vasco Basco

    Vasco Basco

    Vor year

    @Dayrahl That is his way of messing around with his friend. You have your own way.

  • Vasco Basco

    Vasco Basco

    Vor year

    @Dayrahl No it is not. You sure mess with some of your friends and all have different ways.

  • Sawyer Alonso

    Sawyer Alonso

    Vor 2 years

    Here's my story. I won 6 placement matches and got gold 1. 3 days later is bronze 1 due to teammates like this and something called team killing making me get banned for my entire R6 career. Making me want to kill myself.

  • PrismatiX
    PrismatiXVor 2 Monate

    G36 is actually good on iana.

  • Folkbits
    FolkbitsVor 4 Monate

    Years have past and wow. Marley is still wholesome

  • Recker Gamer
    Recker GamerVor 4 Monate

    plzz tell mmeeeeee

  • Recker Gamer
    Recker GamerVor 4 Monate

    i want your ending video tune !

  • Tushar Sharma
    Tushar SharmaVor 6 Monate

    He predicted the battle pass at 1.56

  • JayRay24
    JayRay24Vor 7 Monate

    Is it just me or does he sound like Custard?

  • iTxB Agra
    iTxB AgraVor 7 Monate

    Pickles is the guy to believe that if u use a stim in the head it gives more health

  • Crynix
    CrynixVor 7 Monate

    Play More foten with Pickels

  • Suliam Mohmad
    Suliam MohmadVor 7 Monate

    Was that lt custurd

  • 2Hard2See
    2Hard2SeeVor 8 Monate

    Mozzie be sad bc im like 24 years younger than him and hes literally 0'4 taller than me

  • shaun 27
    shaun 27Vor 10 Monate

    A battle pass ow no alpha pack

  • Jesus Ibarra
    Jesus IbarraVor 10 Monate

    Why dont you play with pickles anymore

  • Tatanka Itancan L.E.
    Tatanka Itancan L.E.Vor 10 Monate

    Marley that was an ace Not a 4K

  • Keenan Lowe
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  • Alejandro Vila Simoes
    Alejandro Vila SimoesVor 11 Monate

    I go too late but i think elite cammo for ash is not for first game noobs

  • drippy smxth
    drippy smxthVor year

    Dom about to give this man a seizure

  • ThatLittleGoose
    ThatLittleGooseVor year

    TheG36 is far seperior everybody hated that

  • Carson Henderson
    Carson HendersonVor year

    At 4:45 that's an ace not a 4k right?

  • Negativitron Prime
    Negativitron PrimeVor year

    What if I don't want to play raid?

  • Slazkan
    SlazkanVor year

    Where are the fricks??

  • Vikram Gokhale
    Vikram GokhaleVor year

    Just got out of silver I'm gold 3

  • Inverted Scrxbz
    Inverted ScrxbzVor year

    0:33 are we just gonna ignore that beat??

  • ウィルソンアラン
    ウィルソンアランVor year

    Poor Todd.

  • xenol
    xenolVor year

    The lesson we learned? Never fuck with a tachanka with a sasg-9

  • Seraphina91
    Seraphina91Vor year

    That poor Pickles is so bullied

  • Noel Rodriguez
    Noel RodriguezVor year

    Is that lt custard?

  • Return3
    Return3Vor year

    The phone was ringing mid vudeo as a doki was ringing. Lmfao wow

  • Feed Is Eternal
    Feed Is EternalVor year

    This isn't battlefield is it? im headbut my desk, im dying

  • 게임플레이창조자
    게임플레이창조자Vor year

    We made it well.

  • Brian Gomez
    Brian GomezVor year

    What’s the outro music called?

  • fayzsnowy
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  • Comrade Dimitri
    Comrade DimitriVor year

    Honestly the best marley video there is.

  • Lance Rick Guevara
    Lance Rick GuevaraVor year

    Bruh ur a bully

  • FishStick FishStick
    FishStick FishStickVor year

    Marley accept my friend request

  • Sub Zero
    Sub ZeroVor year

    Um there where in a party

  • kaarthihan Uthayakumar
    kaarthihan UthayakumarVor year

    im going to take my one taps and take it to the junk yard and burn it intill i cant see it

  • Sub2Nexyon
    Sub2NexyonVor year

    What‘s that „rererere“ sound? Like.. what‘s called?

  • Jacob Giacona
    Jacob GiaconaVor year

    I’ll be honest, shotguns just aren’t a thing to us in the game on console, if u see someone using a shotgun it’s useless and hard to use and now we’re watching pc players have tighter spread than what we have on any gun

  • Jusufovic Emina
    Jusufovic EminaVor year

    This is how you lose R6 players you freacking assholes.

  • Kylie Smith
    Kylie SmithVor year

    I am the highest rank Of copper

  • Thibo Stevens
    Thibo StevensVor year

    Did you know that dom means stupid in dutch

  • Fishy Army with the boy
    Fishy Army with the boyVor year


  • Fishy Army with the boy
    Fishy Army with the boyVor year


  • Born2flank _
    Born2flank _Vor year

    3:42 and it was at this moment that Doc knew, he fricked up

  • Amare Skateboarding
    Amare SkateboardingVor year

    The first guy was awesome

  • MrStealYourDog
    MrStealYourDogVor year

    I know he knows that’s everyone knows this is fake but if you don’t go to 2:50 he has the elite ash skin on his gun

  • Fathan Al Ghifari
    Fathan Al GhifariVor year

    2:12 Tod : Headshot the black beard* Shield : Am i a joke to you?

  • Tuffy Longden
    Tuffy LongdenVor year

    This is why I dont do ranked 😂

  • Kaen Bedehem
    Kaen BedehemVor year

    Jaja's strange odyssey, the Jojo's Bizzare Adventure knock off starring Giarno Giavanna and his stand 「Copper Experience」

  • EvahhhnR6
    EvahhhnR6Vor year

    Can we get a f in the chat for pickles 😂👌

  • 31 nathanael neo wicaksana
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  • Talos Tege
    Talos TegeVor year

    4:26 ace

  • Tiago Vieira
    Tiago VieiraVor year

    2:53 how doea he have the ash elite gun skins if hes new

  • Vuk Jaukovic
    Vuk JaukovicVor year

    Everybody subscribe to bikini bodhi

  • Ellison
    EllisonVor year

    Aren't you in copper every video cause you play like it...JK

  • Joseph Livingston
    Joseph LivingstonVor year

    Your an ass hole brit

  • Large Chip
    Large ChipVor year

    I feel bad for pickles

  • Joyce Taylor
    Joyce TaylorVor year

    I’m from Canada 🇨🇦

  • Sh4dowR6
    Sh4dowR6Vor year

    Marley at 4:45 that was actually a ace

  • Billy T
    Billy TVor year

    4:43 where is the button

  • Carlo Sil
    Carlo SilVor year

    It was an Ace with ying

  • Gavin Monger
    Gavin MongerVor year

    I love how he says the copper exp when he is in casual

  • Starging
    StargingVor year

    Hey copper is this a bunch of nubs vs Smurfs

  • I couldn’t think Of a name help
    I couldn’t think Of a name helpVor year

    This video has 666k views i think marley is Satan

  • Ushanka Scav
    Ushanka ScavVor year

    why does this video has got 666k views?

  • Mr Aziaat
    Mr AziaatVor year

    Is IT true that caveira is gering nerfed

  • Big Whoops
    Big WhoopsVor year

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Inv1ns1bl
    Inv1ns1blVor year

    All of my team puts thermites on barricades even though there are reinforced walls right next to it

  • bingle
    bingleVor year

    You are supposed to make him toxic not be toxic to him that’s how you really enjoy Siege

  • 0 subscribers with 10,000 videos
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  • haon deagle44
    haon deagle44Vor year

    This is not battlefield is it? Hahah I love cause I came from battlefield to rainbow as well haha

  • frann
    frannVor year

    Better than Bikini

  • Senor Lazy Bamberino
    Senor Lazy BamberinoVor 2 years

    People who're acting incredibly unbelievebely stupid, and are convinced that they they are superior to everyone and get the illusion that taking advice is a sign of weakness.

  • Ainsley
    AinsleyVor 2 years


  • Phantom Tofu
    Phantom TofuVor 2 years

    Battlefield players playing siege be like

  • tunn madee
    tunn madeeVor 2 years

    My friend is so toxic

  • MattIsBored
    MattIsBoredVor 2 years

    I saw a guy use a thermite charge on a fucking window reinforcment

  • Carlos Viera
    Carlos VieraVor 2 years

    once, I saw a thermite opening a barricade with a thermite charge so the soft wall is acceptable

  • Adam Hinch
    Adam HinchVor 2 years

    The Deaf Experience

  • robinio888
    robinio888Vor 2 years

    Yo I’ve never been in rank copper because I got to silver 1 when I was ranked

  • Nathan Polkinghorne
    Nathan PolkinghorneVor 2 years

    dom sounds like callums corner

  • Darkplayer 1525
    Darkplayer 1525Vor 2 years

    Now he’s getting good at the game with ace and apparently carrying u Ok I need to watch this

  • Evan Vernon
    Evan VernonVor 2 years

    On plane you got an ace

  • That Turtle Tho
    That Turtle ThoVor 2 years

    4:02 that scared my cat lol

  • 王安石
    王安石Vor 2 years


  • YeetyMcYeet
    YeetyMcYeetVor 2 years

    I rock Ash G36C with holographic compensator don’t @ me

    AW STUDIOVor 2 years

    Trust me, if he keep playing , ubi will close the game real soon...

  • ponny lolly kewin
    ponny lolly kewinVor 2 years

    marley i love your firned that is new and hes so funny pls i want more content whit his dude

  • 17th imperial legion XVII
    17th imperial legion XVIIVor 2 years

    Trash kid

  • CB Sharperonion
    CB SharperonionVor 2 years

    Ever one is trash in this game I’m mvp almost ever time

  • Chris
    ChrisVor 2 years

    Someone please carry me. I am a copper because of shitty teammates. My ps4 username is yu_like_noodles.

  • Adam
    AdamVor 2 years

    My new favourite youtuber

  • salvatore Fiore
    salvatore FioreVor 2 years

    Les anglais font bien le taff du r6

  • Jesse
    JesseVor 2 years

    In dutch, dom is a word: it means stupid, no joke

  • Jekaterina
    JekaterinaVor 2 years

    Полиция блять

  • Remember son, dying is gay
    Remember son, dying is gayVor 2 years

    Why do u have to be a lil bitch

  • Milk
    MilkVor 2 years

    Casually clips

  • Sauceyfire94
    Sauceyfire94Vor 2 years

    U were kind of an ass to that poor guy

  • LinnyAir
    LinnyAirVor 2 years

    "What's happening I got blue on my screen" xDD