The Blackout Beta in a Nutshell


We sent it pretty hard in the Blackout Beta.
Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is right around the corner, and the new Blackout battle royale game mode is AMAZING.
Thanks Activision for sponsoring this video!
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  • Drew Crawford
    Drew CrawfordVor 13 Tage

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  • E.Medina 4814
    E.Medina 4814Vor year

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  • Munakim
    MunakimVor year

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    Aidan RobsonVor year

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    Asami AoiVor year

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  • Asami Aoi
    Asami AoiVor year

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    Ismail MahmoodVor year

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  • STW_ Wxlf
    STW_ WxlfVor year

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    grozzieVor year

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    STAR50MARS [DEAF614]Vor year

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  • clappedyouqt on xbox
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    Captain CrimVor 2 years

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  • Yolo_Turtle 209
    Yolo_Turtle 209Vor 2 years

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    Thatoneguy AlloverthecommentsVor 2 years

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  • Ethan Bailey
    Ethan BaileyVor 2 years

    Fucking love this channel. Good editing

  • Atzke Matzke
    Atzke MatzkeVor 2 years

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    Stefan2Vor 2 years

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  • FaZe Buzzer
    FaZe BuzzerVor 2 years

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  • jiizi
    jiiziVor 2 years

    Is it possible that marley has aimbot in r6 and thats why the potato aim in bo4

  • Zmos the 3rd 1
    Zmos the 3rd 1Vor 2 years

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  • iDandyyy
    iDandyyyVor 2 years

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    ChampagneDaltyVor 2 years

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  • John Wick

    John Wick

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  • SavageJager
    SavageJagerVor 2 years

  • Chouginga Gurren Lagann
    Chouginga Gurren LagannVor 2 years

    4:47 How the Train looks exactly like the one out of BO2 Map Express

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  • Ahmed Bushra
    Ahmed BushraVor 2 years

    @meatymarley so me any my bois are copper 3's i guess u could say we're pro league but we need a new player because of of us reached copper 2 and were not about that life so ye if ur interested hit me up on discord, peace.

  • Luis Flores
    Luis FloresVor 2 years

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  • L3G3-_-Madnesssz Diamond player R6
    L3G3-_-Madnesssz Diamond player R6Vor 2 years

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  • Evan Swagengale
    Evan SwagengaleVor 2 years

    This game is moldy garbage.

  • Nicolaj Møller
    Nicolaj MøllerVor 2 years

    Why does it look like a PS3 game? Did they go for a cartoony look but only half finished it?

  • Austin Porter
    Austin PorterVor 2 years

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    Kelton CrawfordVor 2 years

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    KAZZY_KAANVor 2 years

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    Turtle DudeVor 2 years

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  • Turtle Dude
    Turtle DudeVor 2 years

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    i5t005yVor 2 years

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    PTXC 123Vor 2 years

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  • Johnathan Walker
    Johnathan WalkerVor 2 years

    The game looks like it has a lot of potential but the time to kill really needs to be lowered lol

  • Just a spy
    Just a spyVor 2 years

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