SIEGE MEMES & FUNNY MOMENTS! - Commentating in Ranked Games!


Some of my recent funny moments on Rainbow Six Siege, a mixture of great voice chat moments, and a montage of kills. Filled with memes of course! A pretty juicy ace in this video too ;)
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  • Marley
    MarleyVor 3 years

    Every like is a step towards curing my backseat gaming. Make it count.

  • RLTT


    Vor year

    I know im late to the vid, but make a compilation of you commentating, or do it more often😂

  • TheGamingJaguar


    Vor 3 years

    bro your fucking beast

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    Low risk betting how to win on Roulette

    Vor 3 years

    Marley love it Marley u no it think u r funny gamer man. Find u funner to watch then Ksi back in the day. so cool man keep gaming.

  • TeeZo
    TeeZoVor 3 Monate

    Still Watching These Old Videos In 2020...

  • TeeZo


    Vor 3 Monate

    Minihill . Astro Yes.

  • notmiyato


    Vor 3 Monate

    TeeZo yes

  • Silver Stricker
    Silver StrickerVor 3 Monate

    Ella in 2018:what reacole Ella :I CANT AIM

  • Alyssa
    AlyssaVor 6 Monate

    I never realized how obnoxious Marley was in his old videos and I’m living for it. I love his videos.

  • Calder Northrop
    Calder NorthropVor 6 Monate

    Who’s watching this in 2020 and wish he did these kinds of edits now

  • Jared Butler
    Jared ButlerVor 7 Monate

    This was when Marley hadn't heard of recoil control

  • Qian Xia
    Qian XiaVor 9 Monate

    WoW GGs man, now you have something like 2M subscribers and this vid of yours only have 200k views, I'll just think of the progress you made

  • Neo ,

    Neo ,

    Vor 6 Monate

    You know when he first uploaded it, the views were no were close to that, I used to watch him that time, the only reason that it's at 200k is because his newer fans came to watch now

  • Qian Xia

    Qian Xia

    Vor 9 Monate

    That means you are capable as a yt, and I pretty admire you and good luck with your gf (I'm just a 13 yo kid so don't mind me)

  • Mark v5
    Mark v5Vor year

    The commentator part isn’t that funny in my opinion

  • I'm on PeriodNow
    I'm on PeriodNowVor year

    buck was a wise choice to multiple teamkills with shotgun XD

  • Mia
    MiaVor year

    Anyone else hear the monokuma laugh

  • Red Light
    Red LightVor year

    Lesion is my dad

  • Nicholas Raimondi
    Nicholas RaimondiVor year

    0:59 drop shot omg 😨

  • haseeb kithran
    haseeb kithranVor year

    Marley puts a video less than 10 min youtube: Am I a joke to you?

  • Sergeant Shrapnel
    Sergeant ShrapnelVor year

    People who do heroin when they hear the police outside their door 0:38

  • Rosa Chavez
    Rosa ChavezVor year

    like if ur watching this in 2019

  • Kracky Is Gæ
    Kracky Is GæVor 2 years

    What’s the old style 50s music in the background I love it

  • Kelvin
    KelvinVor 2 years

    i like yor music

  • Kracky Is Gæ

    Kracky Is Gæ

    Vor 2 years

    vivo vivi same bro do you know what that 50s remix is called?

  • 50cal.
    50cal.Vor 2 years

    What’s that old timey sounding song in the background??

  • שרית סקיאנו
    שרית סקיאנוVor 2 years

    0:59 pulse: AIM 100

  • Nils Schneider
    Nils SchneiderVor 2 years

    Keep on commentating!

  • Kath
    KathVor 2 years Rainbow six content😄👆🏽

  • Daniel Harrington
    Daniel HarringtonVor 2 years

    meaty pop pop pop clack clack poom poom... teammates. yeeeeeeet!

  • Look here, little fellur
    Look here, little fellurVor 2 years

    Anybody else see the twitch drone at 3:02?

  • Salbiah Samat
    Salbiah SamatVor 2 years

    Why is dis recommended for meh?

  • sam
    samVor 2 years

    You are a god Marley and i look up to you when it comes to r6 siege

    FUZE HIMSELFVor 2 years

    It's ok we backseat cuz we duh the best

    RAIDERVor 2 years

    I think its fake :v

  • Aesthetic Black

    Aesthetic Black

    Vor 2 years

    @RAIDER wtf is wrong with you

  • Max Salazar

    Max Salazar

    Vor 2 years

    Dorted I think so too looks like he’s playing against coppers



    Vor 2 years

    Im famous xD



    Vor 2 years

    Misión complete

  • Marley


    Vor 2 years


  • The Bear Lord
    The Bear LordVor 2 years


  • Estevan Castillo
    Estevan CastilloVor 2 years

    Hey man I just started watching you love them man keep it up if you can even tho I’m like six months late 😂😂😂

  • vNobu
    vNobuVor 2 years


  • The LMMC Program
    The LMMC ProgramVor 2 years


  • Chellee M.
    Chellee M.Vor 2 years

    Groddyyy , nice kills sounds like ya had a fun time.

  • SomeHeckenSalad
    SomeHeckenSaladVor 2 years

    When you use the same clip twice in the same 30 seconds

  • ExoticKidd
    ExoticKiddVor 2 years

    What’s the song at 5:10

  • Malkreis


    Vor 2 years


  • Malkreis


    Vor 2 years

    If you are looking for music and do not know how to be Heist, I can only recommend that to you : The app Shazam

  • Malkreis


    Vor 2 years np

  • Mad Hog
    Mad HogVor 2 years

    Jamie berry - sweet rascal (electroswing) song everyone was asking for in comments

  • natuun inc
    natuun incVor 2 years

    What is that purple camo

  • Thrax
    ThraxVor 2 years

    You probably dab a lot.

  • Robin Son
    Robin SonVor 3 years

    song name at 2:30? :)

  • Mad Hog

    Mad Hog

    Vor 2 years

    Robin Münster jamie berry sweet rascal by electroswing

  • I dont know why i am here
    I dont know why i am hereVor 3 years

    1:10 HAAACKSSS!

  • a ferg
    a fergVor 3 years

    What's the music at 2:45

  • Apollo Silva Jr.

    Apollo Silva Jr.

    Vor 2 years

    yëët ñïggã Jamie Berry: Sweet rascal

  • The Real Neo 1
    The Real Neo 1Vor 3 years

    What rank you up against?

  • zSweeTDreamS-_
    zSweeTDreamS-_Vor 3 years

    Outro song?

  • Jigzyy


    Vor year

    Gin$eng - We’re Dreaming

  • Kracky Is Gæ

    Kracky Is Gæ

    Vor 2 years

    Pro100danilol -.- I wanna know also

  • Hilmi Nugroho Satriaji
    Hilmi Nugroho SatriajiVor 3 years


  • MotorSport clips
    MotorSport clipsVor 3 years

    Pls try twitch's f2 is op

  • Timon Hoste
    Timon HosteVor 3 years

    The tryhardin casual

  • Timon Hoste

    Timon Hoste

    Vor 3 years

    that was for sarcasm not hate idiot

  • Epic_Gamer _420_69

    Epic_Gamer _420_69

    Vor 3 years

    Trinoxas shutup bitch

  • Luzzy Robles
    Luzzy RoblesVor 3 years

    name of the song at 1:28

  • Apollo Silva Jr.

    Apollo Silva Jr.

    Vor 2 years

    tachanka666 Jamie Berry: Sweet Rascal

  • Shayan Noor Nematollahi
    Shayan Noor NematollahiVor 3 years

    Why do u have 136 likes?? You need like 2000048837374755i6 more 1.I bet you didn’t read that number 3.I bet you didn’t see I put a number in it 4.I bet you just read the whole thing 5.I bet you didn’t realise that I missed 2 6. I bet you didn’t know that I literally just wasted your time on something that was just a lil bit of bullshit I made up right now

  • lIlllIllIllIllII


    Vor 3 years

    Shayan Noor Nematollahi nice copy and paste

  • ayy lmao
    ayy lmaoVor 3 years

    The old music in the back is soooo good !!! What’s the name?

  • Apollo Silva Jr.

    Apollo Silva Jr.

    Vor 2 years

    Jamie berry: Sweet Rascal

  • lewi


    Vor 3 years

    Raph _r6 sweet rascal

  • The boss Man
    The boss ManVor 3 years

    Yo I love this video keep making them bro

  • itzFrosty
    itzFrostyVor 3 years

    Dad bring back the commentary like i ask daddy knows how to please his bitch

  • itzFrosty


    Vor 3 years


  • Heroic
    HeroicVor 3 years

    Nice video man haha!

  • ryzlaxx
    ryzlaxxVor 3 years

    lol very funny bro ! I really enjoy this type of montages xD

  • MysteryManGaming
    MysteryManGamingVor 3 years

    How do you edit? You need to teach me things my dude. Your channel is legit 10/10 no joke. Please HMU :)

  • Lichy
    LichyVor 3 years

    Your amazing! From israel

  • InsaneMonkeyPee
    InsaneMonkeyPeeVor 3 years

    Marley you are too funny man!!!

  • Marley


    Vor 3 years

    Ayyy thanks bro!

  • chicken attack
    chicken attackVor 3 years

    love ya

  • Liam O'Connell
    Liam O'ConnellVor 3 years

    What do you edit with?

  • Marley


    Vor 3 years

    Adobe premiere pro cc

  • Lummy
    LummyVor 3 years


  • Marley


    Vor 3 years

    You're a beast!

  • iLL Dubs
    iLL DubsVor 3 years

    I Love it lol

  • Marley


    Vor 3 years

    I'm glad!

  • Enzhy
    EnzhyVor 3 years

    The memes are spicy and the uk weather is too Good shit marley

  • Marley


    Vor 3 years

    boom, thanks man!

  • Kennedy
    KennedyVor 3 years


  • Kennedy


    Vor 3 years

    Marley nah fam I will get destroyed

  • Marley


    Vor 3 years

    AYYYYY, Thanks bro! You gotta get siege ;)

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  • Spoodle
    SpoodleVor 3 years

    I like

  • Shayan Noor Nematollahi

    Shayan Noor Nematollahi

    Vor 3 years

    Spoodle all Day I LIKE

  • Marley


    Vor 3 years

    i like u

  • By Rufus
    By RufusVor 3 years

    you edit great, I love your videos, it's still like this

  • Marley


    Vor 3 years

    Thanks so much

  • TopGaming 666
    TopGaming 666Vor 3 years

    yay i so happy 😃😃

  • TopGaming 666

    TopGaming 666

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  • TopGaming 666
    TopGaming 666Vor 3 years

    lol gaming

  • Moon Boy
    Moon BoyVor 3 years

    The back seat gaming is 10/10

  • Josh Waller

    Josh Waller

    Vor 3 Monate

    Marley why did Marley respond to this a year later BRUH!!😂

  • Marley


    Vor 3 years

    It's a serious issue

  • *MWolf*
    *MWolf*Vor 3 years


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    Vor 3 years

    Cheers :)